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I am:
> August, but occasionally seen answering to older/other names
> 27; genderqueer (they/them or it/its); generally queer (asexual and panromantic)
> Living in Florida; on EST and an ever-rotating sleep schedule
> Poly, kinky, and in a long-term relationship
> A second-generation Witch doing some long-term religious soul searching
> Depressed, anxious, autistic, possibly OCD, likely ADHD, generally suffering from massive executive dysfunction; dealing with chronic pain and other physical issues; fairly vocal about all of the above
> Making a go of self-employment (Tarot + freelance editing)
> A writer, an occasional beta, a highly inactive filker, learning to be a podficcer and a vidder, tentatively learning to draw/do digital art
> A massively multifannish thing
> Awful at commenting, slightly less awful at updating, usually reading
> Always open for being friended

I have writing/creativity, health, and spirituality filters if any of those interest you (and a work one that I am slightly more picky about who I put onto it).

AO3: [ profile] apatternedfever
Original Writing Notes: [community profile] temperedwithfable
Tumblr: [ profile] builttobalance
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Eternally open prompt post of doooooom! Spam away. Lyrics, quotes, scenarios, pictures, anything at all. Fannish, original, up for anything. My only request is gifs/vids being linked instead of embedded so my computer doesn't cry.
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A year-long meme, started by [personal profile] novel_machinist and taken up by some other awesome people:

The goal isn't to write daily, it's to fill a request instead, when we have the time. There's no set length, the only things that we'll set are what we do and the types of Requests we want. The ONLY rule is that if someone fills your request you leave a comment to them. If you want in, make a Cabal of Creators Post on your journal with a link to it for all to see. Let's use the tag #CabalCreators2017 for easy finding.

I'm dividing my categories into two sections; "old faithful" and "new shiny". You might notice that a lot of them fall under the second header. There's a lot of creative things I'm trying to get into the habit of or learn this year, so while you are more than welcome to request something that's new for me, 1) simpler requests are appreciated, since I'll be learning my way around a lot of them; and 2) the quality will probably be shakier than in the first section.

Old Faithful
Fanfiction (fandoms)
Original Fiction (existing verse)
Original Fiction (general prompt)
Tarot (1-4 cards)

New Shinies
Audio recordings
Video recordings

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Oct. 21st, 2017 01:50 pm
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I will update this through the day rather than making separate posts, unless I actually have something to say about the books. But I've been reading not-nonstop-but-plenty since 8:05 AM, it's 1:45 now, and I am pleased with myself.

A list of books and some thoughts. )
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So besides the worrying, I am more-or-less okay. Things haven't been great and I should be doing a lot more than I am, but I'm getting by. Continuing to be kind of excited for Readathon next weekend, which is nice, and probably staying home and not doing a whole lot for Halloween/Samhain, which is... not a bad thing as I still don't really want to be out of my house, but is causing some weird, complicated feelings also. I'm vaugely considering some kind of prayer/ritual thing, but I really need to clean if I want to do anything, even light a candle somewhere.

Anyway. In completely unrelated news, I have a really awkward and strange itch to do a streaming thing. If at some point, or multiple points, in the next couple of weeks before Halloween, I was going to be streaming any/all of the following movies/tv shows, would anyone be interested in joining me for that?

List. )
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I am still alive, just kind of trucking along. I will make a proper post soon, maybe later tonight, but right now I'm kind of fixated on this:

I mentioned a friend looking for roommates in California earlier this month. She's still looking, and it's getting bad -- the end of this month means basically be homeless in LA or come back to Florida, and both of those are gonna be really hard on her mental health. So I'm putting out the word again and hoping some kind of miracle comes through.

If anybody is looking for a roommate in the downtown LA/Hollywood/Wilshire area -- or knows somebody looking for, or knows someone who might be looking for, or knows someone who might know someone, or any kind of lead at all -- please, please hit me up and I can get people in touch with her. Or honestly, at this point, if anyone knows somebody in other areas of California willing to house a couch surfer for a month to give her a little more time to look, I can send that to her and maybe she can work things out. She's not good with dogs or cats but other pets are not a problem, and ideally looking to pay around $600/month.
EDIT: After some discussion, if there's anyone in the area of San Diego -- or possibly anything else within about that far from LA (so 2-3 hours, so not all the way up the state but a much larger range than before) -- that might be able to put somebody up for a couple of weeks to a month, that would be really appreciated as well, as it would give her more time to try and look.

Help seriously, greatly appreciated. I'm really worried about how this is going to end up.
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I am exhausted, I have many things to do, and all I want to do is listen to this and this back to back forever with maybe occasional stop offs for louder songs. So yeah. I am not terrible, I am just... so wiped, and I didn't think it was, and it all caught up with me out of nowhere at some point yesterday while I wasn't paying attention.

And family stuff just keeps happening. Have I mentioned that part. It just keeps happening and I'm real ready for it to stop.

Anyway, on a cheerier note, I think I'm gonna do Dewey's Readathon this year. I've been wanting to for years now, but last year I just wasn't up for it, and the two before it I was working on the dates. There's a chance I may end up doing a lot of it via reading poetry books or short stories out loud, but that's pretty neat, too, to be honest.

Not sure if I'm gonna be doing updates on here, twitter, or maybe tumblr if I do it. I'm thinking twitter, though, which is [ profile] balsamandash if anyone wants to add me. I basically only use it to check up on my best friend and retweet random shit at this point, but maybe readathon will change that.

Anyway. I miss many things. I hope to get back to doing those things when I'm a little less wiped. Like Tarot, which I owe people and need to do this month. Or graphics, now that I have my comp back. Or writing, which will forever be a thing.

How are you guys?
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I will try and find some words about the past couple of weeks soon, but suffice to say, Ohio was good, my mother's doing a little better, and then we got sick and that knocked me out for a little while.

Anyway, this post has a more important point to make:

My dearest, oldest friend needs a place to live next month, because her current apartment building is awful and her neighbor is worse (and bad for not just her mental health, but her physical health -- he's causing migraines, and she has physical issues that migraines might trigger a relapse of). If anybody is looking for, or knows somebody looking for, a roommate in the downtown LA/Hollywood/Wilshire area, please hit me up and I'll give her info? Can't do dogs or cats, and ideally looking to pay around $600/month.

in other news why do half the people I know not know where they're going to be living at some point in the next six months holy fuck
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We are back in Florida. Ohio is lovely, [personal profile] forests_of_fire was great, I'm happy we went, flying does not make me want to have a nervous breakdown anymore, there was lots of good. I also have a desire to write things and some specific ideas: more good!

We are at my mother's for a while because the asshole never stops being an asshole. Less good. And I'm at about 21 hours awake and don't forsee sleep for at least another five, if not longer. Also less good.

I may rant thoroughly on filter later but for right now I am too tired.
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We are in Ohio and well! We've had a [personal profile] forests_of_fire on and off and are gonna explore North Market a little later today. We fell in love with Tim Horton's coffee and our hotel has great waffles and I apparently calm down a lot on planes once the initial take-off is done, so. Everything is good!

Now on to more important things: [personal profile] analise010 is a wonderful, awesome person who I have been lucky enough over the last -- near-year? Something like that. She is great, and she is also having problems with jobs. Her goal is to become an actuary -- which requires a test, which requires a truly ridiculous amount of money to charge people.

She is looking to raise money, and offering Tarot/Oracle readings. Her readings are great, so if you have a little extra to spare, please take a look and see if you can help.
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We are in the car on our way to the airport. I am excited but mostly terrified.

Gonna try and take pictures while we're up there. Gonna try not to have a panic attack on the plane, too. XD

But I am excited, under the nerves. Travel! New places! [personal profile] forests_of_fire! Should be fun.
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If you follow my partner [personal profile] rootsofthestories, which I think most of you do, you might have seen them making this request a couple of days ago as well. On Tuesday, we're going to Ohio for a week; we don't have a whole lot of money for food, transport, or generally getting anywhere. We also have to worry about food when we come home, because we're getting a little bit low on it and we won't be paid for a few more days.

In addition, we've been lower than usual the past couple of months. I think most of you know I work with my mother, but with all the upheaval going on there and everything that's happened this summer, she and I haven't been doing anything, which means she (reasonably, since I haven't been working) hasn't been paying me. I did do a job over the summer, but because of the manner of payment, it'll probably be a couple more months before I see anything from it. Hurricane prep also kind of wiped us out more than we expected this month.

So yeah. If there's anything you can pitch in, we'd deeply appreciate it, and I would be happy to do something in return. We've already gotten some from Bast's posts, because people are wonderful, but I hate not trying to do anything, and any little bit more would be very helpful.

I can offer Tarot or Oracle draws. I can edit things, either line-by-line copy or general content/first reader stuff. I can do icons or simple graphics -- give me a poke if you'd like to see examples. Beyond that is stuff I'm a little rusty on, but more than happy to do: I can write short things or try to do poetry. I can make playlists or fanmixes, I can podfic or record something, I can write you a filk. I can maybe try and do a 30-second vid, though the timeline on that one may be longer as I need to get used to that software. That's all I can think of but honestly, if there's anything else you'd like me to do, feel free to pitch it and maybe we can work something out.

If you can spare anything, you'd have our love and eternal adoration, and I am more than happy to work out something I can do for you in return. I'll have a computer and hotel internet while we're gone, so if I don't get it done by Tuesday morning, I will work on things while we're up there as well.

Even if all you've done is read through this, thank you so much.

(Paypal link goes to Bast's, just to keep everything in the same place.)

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Hurricane's past us, we are perfectly fine, haven't even lost power, and while we won't be 100% sure until tomorrow, it looks like it didn't hit badly enough that my mother's apartment would have been destroyed either.

I am so happy. I am also exhausted from worrying. I'm gonna go to bed in a few and sleep for a day. (...No, I'm not, but I WANT to.)
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Thing the first: Spent the weekend at my mother's before the asshole moved back in, and it went pretty well for the most part, but my computer cord died on Saturday so I've not really been around. Trying to catch up, but let me know if I missed anything I should see.

Thing the second: signal-boosting my partner, who is offering various writing, creative, and divinatory services in the hopes of making a little extra we can use on our trip next month to scout potential places to live to. We could really use a little help, if anyone's interested -- signal-boosts are excellent too, so go take a look.

Thing the third: For the same reason, if anyone still wants a Tarot or Oracle reading, I am also still open!
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my thread here

Today I will do things, dammit.
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I could use some extra money right now for various reasons I don't entirely have the brain to go into, so have a Tarot and Oracle post! For those of you who are new or have been linked here: I have 15 years of experience with the Tarot, and I read professionally both in person and over the internet.

Comment and receive a free one-card Tarot draw. I can choose the deck or you can; I can do general readings or a focus/question. You can choose any deck, but I'm going to be away from home for a few days, so if you want your reading before next weekend, stick to the ones that are *'d. I am happy to PM you if you'd like to receive your reading privately instead of publicly; let me know, because the default will be public.
If you signal-boost somewhere public and link me to it, you can either get a second Tarot card or an additional one-card Oracle draw for free. Let me know when you drop me the link which you'd prefer and also whether you have a different focus/question for the second card, and if Tarot, whether you'd like a different deck for each card (whether of your choice or mine).

Decks. )

Then, if you'd like a longer reading, see below the cut for spreads on offer!

Spreads. )
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Brief update before we go shopping:

Birthday happened! Things... could have been much better, as my mother was having health issues and the whole thing was kind of a mess, but it could have been much worse, and there was seafood and cake and Mario Kart and dragons. Now we are home, which is exciting.

My grandmother is in the hospital. I... am less upset about this than I expected to be, although it does seem like she'll be fine, so. She says she doesn't remember throwing my mother out. I have no idea if this is memory issues or her downplaying the incident. We'll see what happens there.

There are many, many things to do, and when we get back from shopping I need to start doing them, cause between some pain issues, brain issues, and worrying about my mother, it's been really hard to buckle down. And granted I had a couple day pass for actively being in and out of doctors with my mother, but it is buckle down time. Just. Things are hard and it's so easy to get distracted.

Sometimes I wish there was a goal-stating-and-friendly-"have you done this"-poking oriented variation to the Friday post. Except I'd still probably fail at things. Or that I was good at doing productivity partner kind of things. Or something. Because I want to ask people to prod me til I actually get a thing done, but ugh, that is such an awkward request to make, especially when my brain requires these things be done kind of particularly. :|

In conclusion, I am well, just tired and need to be doing more than I am. So, the usual, really.

I need to catch up on friends list too. So many things.
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I missed Midsummer, but I hope anyone who celebrated had a good one.

My brain has been doing weird things the last couple of days. I could definitely be worse, but it's still annoying, and also not making it easy to get stuff done. I'm hoping to fix that today, so we'll see what happens. I really want to watch things, but I keep telling myself to do things first, so that may or may not ever actually happen. Also on the list of things I can't do while getting stuff done: sleeping, reading, Flight Rising, and listening to the same two songs over and over.

I will learn how to focus someday. I swear I will. Maybe.
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I have fallen back into Flight Rising. Send help. Or send dragons. That is also welcome. >> (If anyone plays and doesn't have me added, I am inkexplosions/#31978.) I also kind of fell back into Pokemon Go. There were fire things! And seels! And I am super excited for the new gym setup! And it might get me to walk more, which is not a bad thing!

There is much still to do, but I spent this weekend with my mother, which was at various time and for various reasons frustrating and exhausting, super productive, and full of video games and happy shouting. Birthday plans have been made, too, and hopefully that'll go well. I get seafood and dolphins and cake and more Mario Kart, so the plans are pleasing, it's just a matter of how they work out in practice.

I need to get work done this week, but I keep eyeing the [community profile] rainbowfic summer festival stuff. I'm hoping something comes out of that. We will see. It would be nice to get writing done in general and some of the challenges are so up my alley it's kind of ridiculous, so, fingers crossed.
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There is a lot of conversation flying around the room on... well, a pretty regular basis, but this morning, and it's not quite this, but it's close enough to tick my brain on a subject I come back to regularly. And I don't quite have the words to use for why I find myself asking these questions, at least right now, but I do have questions, and if anybody wants to answer them, I'd be very interested to hear what you have to say. So:

1. Are there characters that you identify closely with (or have in the past)?
2. If so, who are they, and why do you identify with them/what about them do you identify with?
3. Do you ever have trouble finding characters you identify with?
4. Are there characters other people have identified you with, and if so, are they in line with the ones you choose for yourself/do you agree with them/do you consider them characters you identify with after having people point it out?

Anon comments are screened, so if you don't want to talk publicly but don't mind discussing it, feel free to leave an anon comment or PM me; just let me know if you don't want it unscreened.


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