Sep. 15th, 2018

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I mentioned about two weeks ago that I was thinking of starting a new journal when we move. And the moving is commencing in two days, and I managed to find a name to switch to that I like, so I will be moving over after all. Our internet isn't getting turned on til Thursday, so I may not be around much until then, and I probably won't finish the setting up and adding people til then. I may make a post or two between now and leaving Monday, though, and we'll see -- if I'm online tomorrow that might change.

(Anything else you have me on as balsamandash -- like Discord -- is staying the same right now, and I think Pillowfort will continue to be ifimightchime for the time being. I usually like to have most of my things match, but, I don't know, I'm kind of feeling spreading out for a little while? We'll see if that changes, but for right now, I feel good about it.)

So, if you want to continue following, feel free to add me over at [personal profile] fullupwithfire

Love to all of you <3


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