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So the situation in LA I was looking for help with has been taken care of, we're pretty sure. It's a little bit still getting sorted, but she should have a place to live for a while and be moving in Tuesday. Thank everything, and seriously, thank anyone who offered advice or boosted or anything. I appreciate it a lot. <3

Other than that I have very little to say, but I have doctorly things to take care of this week (birth control today, glasses Monday), so that's exciting, or something. I'm really tired right now so I can't say I'm excited to deal with it, but I am excited to have it done, so ask me again Tuesday.

On an unrelated note, I have been meaning to go back to the music meme I was doing for ages. So let's give that a shot and see if I can 1) get myself to update more and 2) manage to get to the end by, I don't know, Thanksgiving? December? Something.

9. A song that makes you happy
Shut Up and Dance/Video Killed the Radio Star Mashup -- Nick Pitera and Evynne Hollens

I don't know what to say except that it fills me with joy every time. *shrugs* It's ridiculous and it makes me really happy.

The rest of the meme. )
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We did many, many things this last week, and now I have books and clothes I have not seen in a year, and also a PS3! Which means games and also a DVD player! It's very exciting. I kind of want to go digging back into old series, even though there are so many new things I still need to read. But I unearthed Percy Jackson and Circle of 3 and Dragonlance and I could just spend the next few months rereading those instead.

Other than that, all I want to do with life is go between listening to music and reading Undertale fanfic/fancomics, and watching Youtube while playing Avengers Academy and Marvel Tsums. Maybe occasionally stop off to play old playstation games. It's kind of a problem.

I have been getting a little better about keeping up the workstuff though, and tonight I shall make salmon and shrimp and pasta and then maybe try to write ASW prompts. We'll see. It's that or sleep, but I went from super tired to super awake in the last half hour, so who knows.
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Guess who's a scattered mess today! Hint, it's me. It's generally me.

Babbling about yesterday's mess. )

So yes. I have many things to do today, but I'm gonna try and do all the Tarot stuff between doing those things. And then tomorrow I leave for Tennessee! We should be back Monday night, but not til at least 10 or 11 at night, and then there's stuff to take care of Tuesday, so it's entirely possible I won't entirely exist until Tuesday night at earliest.

Well wishes and luck is greatly appreciated, because I'm still nervous as fuck about the salesman aspect of it, even if I have the Tarot stuff pretty down.
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I will do comments later when I'm not running around doing stuff with my mother, but I really appreciate everyone who offered hugs or links or anything at all. The rest of last night/today has been significantly less awful, and my mom and I had a decent time making stuff for the pagan festival until 5 am last night, so things are much better. Early Beltane celebrations and more stuff to sell is on the docket today, and then home tonight.

Music meme catchup while I have my coffee:

4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel -- Billy Joel

Most people I seriously don't want to think about aren't really linked to music, or at least any music I can remember, which is good, but this one has some connections that makes it hard to listen to sometimes.

5. A song that needs to be played LOUD
The Hardest Button to Button -- the White Stripes

The rest of the meme. )
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That's totally the saying, right?

Answers to the movie quote guessing meme, including a couple of pitches for lesser-known movies:

Quotes! )

Aaaand now another meme! A music meme! This one yanked from [personal profile] forests_of_fire. It is much more longterm, so let's see if this gets me to post a little more regularly.

1. A song you like with a color in the title )

The rest of the meme. )

In other news, tonight we are dying my hair, or at least bleaching it to dye tomorrow, and I am getting back to work for the first time after this long, kinda fucked up month. It's not the best day ever, but it's better than the last couple. I really hope this continues, but I have to see my mother this weekend, so who knows.
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So I spent all yesterday in pain and feeling like shit, and today I still feel grumpy and awful, but there is work to be done and I'm trying to make myself do it.

In mostly unrelated news, every member of my family older than me is exhausting to deal with this week, and I am about ready to yell at them all.

However, Bast is amazing and I am lucky they're willing to not only deal with my grumpy and sadness but try and help me get my shit together and actually get stuff done. Even if I fail at actually doing so.

This space may turn into a ta-done or to-do list later. For right now I am just waving tiredly at everyone.

EDIT: ... I somehow fucked up the computer trying to plug in my headphones and I had to fuck with it trying to get to the battery. I got it up again, but it was like an hour, it was stressful, I still have to do work which is also stressful, and I really just want to either nap or burrow in distractions for the day.

Fuck today, man.

Hugs would be really appreciated.
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1. I don't think it needs to be said really, but I don't do things for April Fools, so you're good with me.

2. I officially signed up for Camp NaNo! I am not... writing yet.... But I'm rewatching the thing my main project is fic for so that totally counts, right? Anyway, I will probably primarily be:
  • Trying to finish the Peggy Carter psychic wolves fic from February; this is priority A and I'm planning to get it done by the end of the month if nothing else happens.
  • If I do finish that maybe eyeing the two-year-old Clint/Bucky/Steve/Natasha fic I started for a big bang and never finished.
  • Trying to go back to January meme prompts/other old prompts.
  • Rainbowfic.
  • Possibly some treats for exchanges going on now.

I may talk about some of this on the writing filter, we'll see. I'm also hoping to maybe get some worldbuilding done so I can start working more seriously on original stuff after.

If anyone's on the site and wants to befriend or such, drop me a link/poke me and I'll give you my profile. Sometimes I get distracted by NaNo boards, so I may be around there some.

3. I will get to Tarot pulls tomorrow. It's been a long couple of days and I still kind of feel like crap, so things are sluggish.
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I have a OneTab list of 61 fics I want to podfic, have acquired movies for a vid I want to make, and have the desire to go poke at the learn-to-draw site again.

I still am four things behind on the January Meme and I think four on Snowflake; I really, really need to work; and that's ignoring the part where cleaning and boxes should be done right now; but all I want to do is poke at new forms of creativity. It is a problem.

Less of a problem: The ever-amazing Bast got me a new Tarot deck as a late-arriving Christmas gift and I think I am going to take a poke at it today. It is so pretty, and so bright and, I don't know, clean compared to most of my decks, I am looking forward to breaking into it and hearing what it has to say. :)

Would anyone like a one-card draw? Not doing a whole formal write-up or asking for promotions, but I wouldn't mind getting a handle on it with some draws.
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I have achieved, in the last few days, a bunch of tarot readings, a couple of tags which is almost like writing, dying my hair green and getting it cut, some very enjoyable Overwatch time until free weekend left me, and a lot of Pokemon Go-ing.

After Thanksgiving weekend, I plan to accomplish finishing up the preliminaries for Tarot stuff, poking editing stuff with a stick, cleaning all the things, and maybe hopefully some kind of writing. But my goal right now is basically "survive" til Monday.

I'll be internetless for Thursday, so let me just say a tiny bit early -- I am super grateful for everyone I know on here. You have all been wonderful to me, and I'm so glad I know you all.
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I am tired, and am probably not going to exist talkatively on the internet for a little while, because I need what few spoons I have left for other stuff. Not going to be talking about things, because again, spoons are already allotted. So I'm just going to offer empathy, understanding, and love in this moment, and then hibernate a little until either things seem less overwhelming, or the current busy period passes over and I can try to deal with it.
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1. I am still alive; I am working away; content editing on my mother's book is underway tonight, and hopefully we're on the fast track to being done, me getting paid, and putting it out. I am at parents for the next couple of days, though, which is less than ideal, but, eh.

2. I have obviously not started OC-tober-ing. I still kind of want to ramble about something writing-related. We'll see what comes of that, if anything.

3. I am currently kind of hooked on Let's Plays, mostly of cooperative games. On the one hand, this is good background noise right now. On the other, damn does it bring back the desire to play a lot of games I can't do because I need people for them. I'm kind of hoping when I can get more into the swing of planning tabletop it takes away some of that feeling, because it makes my brain go kinda weird at times. (Not enough to stop though, so if you happen to have any LPer recs, drop them at me? I don't do horror games, end of story, but I'm pretty open beyond that.)

4. There is a love meme going:
October Love Meme hosted by [personal profile] alexseanchai: my thread
I could kind of use it right now, if anyone's got kind words to spare.

5. Aaand lastly, I am slowly but steadily setting up my phone, so if you happen to have my number - it's the same one, but I lost all my contacts, so if you can text me with who you are, I'd really appreciate it. If you didn't have my number, and you want it, poke me.
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In other, lighter news:

> If you haven't seen it yet, [personal profile] thatyourefuse is hosting an old-fashioned commentfic prompt meme. Come drop prompts and answer prompts and prove that these things still work so maybe more can happen, cause I don't know about anyone else, but I've missed these things and would like themed ones back.

> I may hop in on OC October belatedly. Not sure if I'd try to do one a day for the rest of October, one a day for 31 days, try to make up for the week I'm missing, or what, but it seems like it could be fun. ...If you happen to know any OCs of mine you'd like to see me talk about, feel free to throw names at me.

> So here's the thing: I'm not super versed in it but I love tabletop. And the game I had kind of fell apart for various time and energy and distance related reasons. But I've been missing tabletop and I've been missing it badly. Is there anyone who might be interested in starting a regular game on

Some specifics. )
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I'm a little late here, but it's been a super rough couple of days for various reasons, so: I could use love. Have a love meme link.
August Love Meme hosted by [personal profile] alexseanchai: my thread

My mother is coming to pick me up shortly, and I'm going to be heading over there to discuss working with her and setting up my own tarot-selling page on her site. Which means when I come back, I (1) get to seriously work on organization, and (2) get to try and figure out if this working from home thing is a real option or not.

Should be fun. And by fun I mean anxious, but what are you gonna do.
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Very sorry I haven't gotten to anything on the last post yet; moving in day took more out of me than expected and I crashed last night.

Tonight I am eating, cleansing the apartment, and then doing tarot, so I will get to most if not all comments tonight.

Thanks for being patient, signalboosting, commenting, and anything else. And if you missed it -- hey, come look, I'm doing one-card draws and selling readings!
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Someone tell me signing up for Camp NaNo on the day it starts, with no idea what to write, and without having managed to crack 2000 words in the last three months, would be a really stupid idea. Doubly so on a month where I plan to make proper moving plans, if not actually move, and where work is going to be super high stress until the 13th.

I'm pretty sure the fact that it seems like a good one at all means I need to go to bed. But my brain is playing the game of "maybe if you just UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OVERLOAD YOURSELF with things you should be writing, SOMETHING will crack right through and you will actually remember how to fucking write instead of stare blankly and uselessly at a computer!"

My brain needs to remember that this just ends in nothing getting done at actual things I try to do, rather than nothing getting done at the general concept of "being a person who can write words".
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I am alive and... well, surviving. I'm not sure well is the word for it but I'm getting by. Family is stressful, work is stressful, life is stressful, but I'm managing. I'm going to try and be productive and make an appointment for glasses this week, and hopefully to write at some point. I'm also considering trying to look into massages at some point in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea where to even start with that, though, so we'll see if anything happens.

On another note entirely I started setting up Habitica/HabitRPG. I've tried before, but it never stuck; but I'm hoping with the mobile app and being more careful about what I add, I might have a better chance this time around. Which brings me to my question: If you use(d) Habitica, or a similar task list program, what do you have on your daily to-dos/habits/rewards? I'm curious, and trying to figure mine out, and advice is always good. (I also downloading EpicWin, but I have to figure out how that works before I can figure out if it's going to do me any good, and I don't feel like screwing with apps right now, so that one I can do on the computer it is!)
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Hi, Dreamwidth. I'm alive.

I'm very tired. I got nothing else. I'm sorry I haven't been saying much. Working on it. Sort of.

In terrible ideas news, I signed up for Get Your Words Out. I will probably fail. Again. But god, I miss writing so much.
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I am also kind of manic. Blame work.

It is kind of my Halloween & Samhain tonight anyway; I am sleeping at some point, and then going to my parents, and there will be carving pumpkins, baking, possibly some small ancestor work or charging work, and our usual gamut of favorite Halloween movies (or at least Midnight Hour and Practical Magic). And then tomorrow I get trick-or-treating and beef stew before work so. Holiday is not a total wash. It is nice.

To-Do List for tonight, because being productive would be nice:
TDL! )
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I just want to listen to musicals forever. And music in general but especially musicals.

I blame Hamilton and the Mechanisms in about equal measure.

I should be in bed, but I am actually pretty okay right now, so musicals. So many musicals. Musicals and dragons. That is all I want.

It is really nice to feel okay for a bit, guys. I'm mostly doing it by ignoring everything but music very very hard, but. God, it's still nice.
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Hello, I'm alive. Spent my weekend up with [profile] thebonesofferalletters, which as usual ended in nothing else getting done, and as usual I frankly don't give a fuck, because I needed my partner time. I am... not entirely stable, but some shifting stuff in real life is helping make brains more manageable. Mostly by cutting down the time I am out of the house and alone with my stepfather. It is a blessing.

I still need to write, but I have a loooot of time off coming the next couple of weeks. (Work has to cut a lot of hours; I'm part-time so I got dropped a fair bit; I would be more worried about what this means but recent conversations have assured me I am pretty high on the list of people the highest night manager wants to keep.) Hopefully something will be managed. Things keep floating in and out of my brain, so. Rambling may occur on the writing filter sometime soon, if I can gather the brain to not feel foolish. It's an ongoing process.

I got very little else to say. Basically the only thing I do besides work and watch TV right now is screw around on Flight Rising, because it is brainless entertainment. I can't tell if the current downswing is getting better or not, but at least I don't think it's getting worse right now, so.


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