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Do you ever read fic - especially elaborate AUs or really blantantly unrepentant tropey/fandom favorite plot fic - and just wonder how their brain did not just... Blare a pounding "you're an idiot" alarm at them until they stopped?

This sounds like an insult. It is not. I just want to know how to turn off the alarm. The only thing that seems to work is writing off prompts, but A) I don't have those kinds of prompts and B) I don't want to wait til i do to write a fucking thing.

Judging by my Ao3 I have not written nonprompt fic in two years. In don't think this is quite accurate but what isn't prompt fic, I think is solely written for the knowledge that one specific person wants it, which feels like the same thing.

I don't.know. I really don't. I'm just. Tired. And I.want to feel like I'm writing again. Even though I've written a fuck ton more this month than in ages, I still don't feel like I'm writing, somehow, and it.drives me up a wall.
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I am attempting to brainstorm transplants while I work again. Conclusion: all my verses suck and I can't worldbuild for shit.

Maybe I'll start trying to do ficvrrse headcanon posts. Or something. How do I write without the time, energy, physical ability, or equipment. to actually write?
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I wrote ~950 words for this stupid flash fiction thing last night. Everrything I tried to write is too long, nothing is even half-decent, and I'm swinging back around to wondering why I bother trying to be a writer. Mrrrrh.

I really wanted to write with my time off this week, I did. But words just aren't working right.


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