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1. I don't think it needs to be said really, but I don't do things for April Fools, so you're good with me.

2. I officially signed up for Camp NaNo! I am not... writing yet.... But I'm rewatching the thing my main project is fic for so that totally counts, right? Anyway, I will probably primarily be:
  • Trying to finish the Peggy Carter psychic wolves fic from February; this is priority A and I'm planning to get it done by the end of the month if nothing else happens.
  • If I do finish that maybe eyeing the two-year-old Clint/Bucky/Steve/Natasha fic I started for a big bang and never finished.
  • Trying to go back to January meme prompts/other old prompts.
  • Rainbowfic.
  • Possibly some treats for exchanges going on now.

I may talk about some of this on the writing filter, we'll see. I'm also hoping to maybe get some worldbuilding done so I can start working more seriously on original stuff after.

If anyone's on the site and wants to befriend or such, drop me a link/poke me and I'll give you my profile. Sometimes I get distracted by NaNo boards, so I may be around there some.

3. I will get to Tarot pulls tomorrow. It's been a long couple of days and I still kind of feel like crap, so things are sluggish.
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So for those of you unaware, I have a "writing babbles" filter.

I am going to repurpose into a general creativity lists-and-babbles-and-in-progress filter, because I have lists to make.

If you are on it and not interested, let me know and I'll take you off! If you're interested and aren't on it, let me know and I'll put you on!

(If you're trying to figure that out, here's some of the things in my head, if I don't drop the ball on the lists and things I'm thinking of right now: A list of fanfics on my to-write-list, a shortlist of podfics, a desire-to-vid list, notes on various original verses [and hopefully ongoing ones as I worldbuild and rework], possibly more indepth notes on some fanfic stuff, first passes at Lupercalia fic if I can get myself to write them this year.)
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In other, lighter news:

> If you haven't seen it yet, [personal profile] thatyourefuse is hosting an old-fashioned commentfic prompt meme. Come drop prompts and answer prompts and prove that these things still work so maybe more can happen, cause I don't know about anyone else, but I've missed these things and would like themed ones back.

> I may hop in on OC October belatedly. Not sure if I'd try to do one a day for the rest of October, one a day for 31 days, try to make up for the week I'm missing, or what, but it seems like it could be fun. ...If you happen to know any OCs of mine you'd like to see me talk about, feel free to throw names at me.

> So here's the thing: I'm not super versed in it but I love tabletop. And the game I had kind of fell apart for various time and energy and distance related reasons. But I've been missing tabletop and I've been missing it badly. Is there anyone who might be interested in starting a regular game on

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Someone tell me signing up for Camp NaNo on the day it starts, with no idea what to write, and without having managed to crack 2000 words in the last three months, would be a really stupid idea. Doubly so on a month where I plan to make proper moving plans, if not actually move, and where work is going to be super high stress until the 13th.

I'm pretty sure the fact that it seems like a good one at all means I need to go to bed. But my brain is playing the game of "maybe if you just UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OVERLOAD YOURSELF with things you should be writing, SOMETHING will crack right through and you will actually remember how to fucking write instead of stare blankly and uselessly at a computer!"

My brain needs to remember that this just ends in nothing getting done at actual things I try to do, rather than nothing getting done at the general concept of "being a person who can write words".
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Things I've been keeping myself mentally busy with at work this week:

> Elaborate White Collar/Practical Magic fic where Elizabeth and Neal are Owens siblings, Peter is oblivious to both the magic and the sibling parts, and I have a lot of fun seeing how close I can stick to S1/S2 canon as I play with this clearly not canon premise

> Elaborate White Collar fic where El and Peter both have screwed up childhoods and really bad relationship role models, and somehow manage to slowly piece together a good life (or, one possible explanation for the logic behind "We're not like other couples; we work".)

> Elaborately sorting my OCs via the Sorting Hat Chats system. Seriously, it's ridiculously fun to figure out and I can't stop doing it. (I have a Hufflepuff/Slytherin-primaries problem, for the record.)

(Reasons I have had to focus on elaborate things this week: My mental health is completely in the trash the last couple of nights, to the point of being near non-verbal and on the edge of breakdowns. It's. I'm dealing with it. I'm not dealing well. But I'm dealing with it. Mostly by distractions. See above.)
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I am not NaNoing. Which in general just makes me sad; I have NaNoed basically every year since I was thirteen until last year, even if I only tried for a couple of days before tossing in the towel. Not doing it two years in a row kind of hurts, but I'm not going to dwell on that.

Instead, the plan is to just do something. Anything. Worldbuilding, rainbowfic prompts, even a little bit of fanfiction. I am also going to be doing OC-tobervember. Because I didn't have the brain for it in October, and didn't realize it was happening until too late; but I want to try and do the thing. I'll be doing a catchup trying to pull together a couple of profiles for that later.

This is mostly a note that I am going to be trying to do the thing. Some of it may be posted publicly; other things will be posted on verse journals and probably linked; others still will be put on my writing filter. If you want to opt into that, comment here. If you want to see my verse journals, here's the full original verse list. It has new content on it as of today, so even if you've seen it before you may want to go poke if interested.

We'll see how this goes. All I know is as of right now, I have some kind of excitement to try and be doing something word-ish for the first time in a while, and that is really nice. So hopefully that will pull me through.
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So my family got a car yesterday. This means on days where my stepfather works too, I get to leave the house at the much more reasonable 9-ish, and should be home before 7:30. And I don't have to get up till around 7 (PM). So I may actually be able to start doing things in the morning. It's very exciting. (Being squished up in the front of what turned out to be a fairly tiny car with the stepfather... much less exciting. Mrrrh. But I'm dealing with it.)

However, it's inventory week at work, I am on for seven days straight (night 3 right now), and then my weekend is going to be spent falling over at my partner's, then two more days of work, and then Night Vale live. So this week may still end up lost to a blur of work and Bast. We'll see. Hence the fairly tiny list.

(Next weekend after might end up lost too, because BEST FRIEND IN TOWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER. :D:D:D But we're still working out plans on that.)

worldbuilding/writing )

last week notes:
Total words: 4220
In progress: NCiS hospital fic, rock opera fic
Completed + unposted: Steve + Siren!Bucky through CA
Completed + posted: Little Bit of Progress: Caleb fic; Angel Tribes: in-universe mythology/story of the tribes splitting and the original 7 archangels
Other: Short summaries for shared verses
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I read, family'd, and then slept through day one of my two days off. Whoops. Now it's 9 am, I am a T-minus 25 hours till I have to go back to bed for Wednesday work, and it is time to do things. Things that are not making rainbowfic prompt lists cause that's definitely the only thing I did in the last three-ish hours.

general week to-do:
  • Pay hospital + physicians for the month.

  • Figure out what I am indulging myself in bookbuying wise. (Pocket Apocalypse is almost a definite even if I don't have a clear enough head to really get into it right now; Violet and Claire, I Was a Teenage Fairy, and Boy Meets Boy are all contenders for #2.)

  • Talk to my mother about moving and haircuts.

  • Job applications.

  • Start project 'Catch Up on Night Vale Before Live Show'.

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Writing )
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I think I am going to try and start doing this once a week or so, because that's not quite enough time for me to forget what I was trying to work on. This way I at least have a record of things that have been passing through my brain, and can go back later and mine them for things I still want to do.

So, current list, in a very very rough order:

  • Come Stand Be Me: Major players in the traditional magic community and in the younger magical community.

  • Sentient Magic: Find and revise the list of how magic manifests and start working on characters.

  • Angelic Tribes: Writing up descriptions of each of the seven tribes.

  • This City's Got Grace: Writing up a list of my kids for attempts at mapping out who knows who.

  • No Child is Spared: Finish the '3 times Dave stubborned himself right into a hospital' fic.

  • This City's Got Grace: Backstory fic for Jordan.

  • Rainbowfic: Try and do my three by the 15th because it'd be nice to not fail such a low goal.

  • Fanfic: MCU: The one where I rip off Memento's structure and Steve is dreaming of parallel universes in the ice.

  • Fanfic: MCU: Jane and Steve roleswap fic.

  • Fanfic: MCU: Continue 'Lay Me In the House You're Building'.
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For better or worse, I finally put together and tossed up a revised verse list. I am still alternating between really pleased and really anxious over chopping it in half and whether or not it's worth doing anything with what's left, but here we are.

As all verses are under heavy worldbuilding, consider this an open questions, comments, and prompting post for anyone who'd like to toss anything in to help me work out what I'm doing?
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I am gonna kill everyone in the apparel area at work, but at least I'm not alone in that feeling anymore.

I am also gonna hit my stepfather or at least hit my head on a wall in frustration with his inability to recognize that I am too unstable to deal with his unstability, especially when our dealing methods clash so heavily and his actively antagonize my anxiety when he tries to get me to be part of them. But I don't have to deal with that directly for a couple of weeks so meh.


I get a bonus at work! It's not a lot, but it's a bonus. I am torn between being a Responsible Being and using it to pay off a little extra on bills and get an appointment to get back on birth control, or being a Not At All Responsible Being and getting things I don't need but really want with it. We'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks I guess.


I think the fairies stole my ipod, and the other one broke, so I've lacked one for two weeks now. It's driving me up a wall, but I've got two options for maybe fixing it now, so that's something.

Also! I got a keychain and a chewing necklace from Stimtastic and they are beautiful. I also got a tangle toy which is an amazing thing that I have been missing all my life and never realized I needed so much. And I can't find it. I'd like to think the fairies took that too, but signs are pointing towards me being a dumbfuck and leaving it on a bus/it falling out of my pocket at a busstop. Gah.


I have so many books to read. I also have probably something like 300k words of fanfic loaded up to go on my phone, and this is after reading a fuckton of it in the past couple of days. Guess what's winning? I'm hoping Pocket Apocalypse breaks me out of this at least.

I also have half the Night Vale I missed on my phone. I need to catch up by April, because live shooooow. :D


Tonight I get to work by 8 and sit in McDonalds for almost two hours! I'm gonna try and write. It's exciting. A list below the cut of things bouncing in my head, in the hopes I can choose a little easier tonight if it's not just "sit there and write something". Although if anyone would like to weight in on an option they'd particularly like to see, feel free.

Writiiiiing. )
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Character transplant project, part one.

Its not quite enough writing like work to shut my brain up but I have to go to bed now. So it'll have to do.


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