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So for those of you unaware, I have a "writing babbles" filter.

I am going to repurpose into a general creativity lists-and-babbles-and-in-progress filter, because I have lists to make.

If you are on it and not interested, let me know and I'll take you off! If you're interested and aren't on it, let me know and I'll put you on!

(If you're trying to figure that out, here's some of the things in my head, if I don't drop the ball on the lists and things I'm thinking of right now: A list of fanfics on my to-write-list, a shortlist of podfics, a desire-to-vid list, notes on various original verses [and hopefully ongoing ones as I worldbuild and rework], possibly more indepth notes on some fanfic stuff, first passes at Lupercalia fic if I can get myself to write them this year.)
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I am going to endeavour to use it more, I think, so quick reminder: I have a "writing babbles" filter if anyone isn't on it and wants to be.

Mostly so far its bits for fics I want to write, and that and rainbowfic thoughts is likely most of what'll be there for a while, but I'm gonna try and write stuff out more often, cause i feel like I've been forgetting ideas. And who knows; maybe fic bits will turn up eventually.

So yeah; comment if you'd like to be added.
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Okay so here's what I'm thinking.

I am making a filter, because it might be easier to do things at people who have opted in. Therein will be ramblings and passing thoughts on things I am trying to, or at least want to, work on. Fic, original, world building, whatever.

Fandoms will be varied, though largely MCU right now. Contents may vary from two highly out of context lines to a random related question to babbling paragraphs. Questions and requests for clarification will always be welcome.

I don't know how well this will work or how often I'll post, but I'm giving it a shot, because I have things I'd like to babble at someone but I keep freezing trying to do it directly by email, because what if people don't want to hear from me. So. Anyone like to opt in?


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