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That's totally the saying, right?

Answers to the movie quote guessing meme, including a couple of pitches for lesser-known movies:

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Aaaand now another meme! A music meme! This one yanked from [personal profile] forests_of_fire. It is much more longterm, so let's see if this gets me to post a little more regularly.

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In other news, tonight we are dying my hair, or at least bleaching it to dye tomorrow, and I am getting back to work for the first time after this long, kinda fucked up month. It's not the best day ever, but it's better than the last couple. I really hope this continues, but I have to see my mother this weekend, so who knows.
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So as stated, this past weekend I was with my family, mostly so my mother and I could go do the Wicked lottery. Friday was kind of a busy mess, so we ended up skipping that and giving our first shot for the Saturday matinee. And won our first shot. Front-row seats.

It was awesome.

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So, that worked out, and then I got to run around a park hunting Pokemon with my brothers on Sunday. Then yesterday I got my best friend for my one-day-a-year. So that was good. The only thing that really marred the last few days was the fact that I was barely getting four hours a sleep a day, if that, from Thursday night until today.

But I've finally slept a decent amount, our power was out today but only for like an hour, and I need to get back on track with really doing work stuff. But probably tomorrow. Tonight I will make tacos and maybe continue to write for Lupercalia.


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