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Things I've been keeping myself mentally busy with at work this week:

> Elaborate White Collar/Practical Magic fic where Elizabeth and Neal are Owens siblings, Peter is oblivious to both the magic and the sibling parts, and I have a lot of fun seeing how close I can stick to S1/S2 canon as I play with this clearly not canon premise

> Elaborate White Collar fic where El and Peter both have screwed up childhoods and really bad relationship role models, and somehow manage to slowly piece together a good life (or, one possible explanation for the logic behind "We're not like other couples; we work".)

> Elaborately sorting my OCs via the Sorting Hat Chats system. Seriously, it's ridiculously fun to figure out and I can't stop doing it. (I have a Hufflepuff/Slytherin-primaries problem, for the record.)

(Reasons I have had to focus on elaborate things this week: My mental health is completely in the trash the last couple of nights, to the point of being near non-verbal and on the edge of breakdowns. It's. I'm dealing with it. I'm not dealing well. But I'm dealing with it. Mostly by distractions. See above.)
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Character transplant project, part one.

Its not quite enough writing like work to shut my brain up but I have to go to bed now. So it'll have to do.


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