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In other, lighter news:

> If you haven't seen it yet, [personal profile] thatyourefuse is hosting an old-fashioned commentfic prompt meme. Come drop prompts and answer prompts and prove that these things still work so maybe more can happen, cause I don't know about anyone else, but I've missed these things and would like themed ones back.

> I may hop in on OC October belatedly. Not sure if I'd try to do one a day for the rest of October, one a day for 31 days, try to make up for the week I'm missing, or what, but it seems like it could be fun. ...If you happen to know any OCs of mine you'd like to see me talk about, feel free to throw names at me.

> So here's the thing: I'm not super versed in it but I love tabletop. And the game I had kind of fell apart for various time and energy and distance related reasons. But I've been missing tabletop and I've been missing it badly. Is there anyone who might be interested in starting a regular game on

Some specifics. )
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So last night was tabletop night take two, which went well even though the game we ended up doing was a very poorly designed mystery. I got dragged into improv land as the GM repeatedly, and I am really bad at improving shit on the fly, but hey, it was fun. Also, character creations for superheroes happened. I am going to have a hell of a time keeping this party together, but it still makes me happy. :D

Today has not been a great day; my brain kind of plummeted after I got home. But we're packing tonight and leaving tomorrow for the festivsal, so. I'm hoping getting geared up for that does me some good. And sleep. Sleep will help. I still just really want to curl up in bed and listen to poetry and stop trying to do anything, but I have to be around for packing stuff, so.

I'm a little nervous for... absolutely no real reason, honestly, I have no idea why. I'm hoping that goes away when we get there.

Writing is still really hard, though. I wanted to do a QDF draft before I left, but that sure as hell isn't happening. Maybe when I get back. Maybe. If I'm lucky.
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I kind of want to smack everyone at work, I'm still dead tired, my wrist is killing me and I don't have the brain to write. Mrrrh.

On the bright side, I am apparently getting a group together to do some tabletop gaming? Which is exciting and giving me something else to think about and then I lost myself down the black hole of looking into game options. Some of them are amazing. Cannabalistic fairy wars! Pokemon Cthulu mashup! Lost children in monsterland! Playing personifications! So many fascinating urban fantasy and demigod games! Everything Third Eye Games has ever put out! (Unfortunately the game of my heart is one I would fail at DMing and am still holding out hope to play myself one day. But I am eyeing so many things. Most of them not so seriously, because awesome as they look I'm not sure I'd know how to run it, but a few actual possibilities.)

... This is how I'm staying sane, between my grandmother stressing me out and my job stressing me out. This and going back to Flight Rising and the vague desperate hope that this weekend I might write.


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