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Heeeey, people who use this thing that is supposed to be super useful. I would like to also use the useful thing. Talk to me about how you use the thing?

...Words are hard. But yeah. Have looked at the thing, think it may be of use, am going to try starting one soon, would appreciate any advice/tips/whatever from people who do the thing, if any of you do.

In other news: Heading to family's for the night, because 1. brother has an acting class showcase, and 2. one of grandmother's oldest friends died, and we're going to go try and cheer her up a little/give her company. Expect more to-do-lists when I get back, because that... actually worked out really well, so I might try doing that for a little bit. Especially as sometime this week I will be starting up/planning out work stuff with my mom, so my TDL will grow massively, most likely, at least until I get everything set up for that.
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I am alive and... well, surviving. I'm not sure well is the word for it but I'm getting by. Family is stressful, work is stressful, life is stressful, but I'm managing. I'm going to try and be productive and make an appointment for glasses this week, and hopefully to write at some point. I'm also considering trying to look into massages at some point in the next couple of weeks. I have no idea where to even start with that, though, so we'll see if anything happens.

On another note entirely I started setting up Habitica/HabitRPG. I've tried before, but it never stuck; but I'm hoping with the mobile app and being more careful about what I add, I might have a better chance this time around. Which brings me to my question: If you use(d) Habitica, or a similar task list program, what do you have on your daily to-dos/habits/rewards? I'm curious, and trying to figure mine out, and advice is always good. (I also downloading EpicWin, but I have to figure out how that works before I can figure out if it's going to do me any good, and I don't feel like screwing with apps right now, so that one I can do on the computer it is!)


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