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Guess who's a scattered mess today! Hint, it's me. It's generally me.

Babbling about yesterday's mess. )

So yes. I have many things to do today, but I'm gonna try and do all the Tarot stuff between doing those things. And then tomorrow I leave for Tennessee! We should be back Monday night, but not til at least 10 or 11 at night, and then there's stuff to take care of Tuesday, so it's entirely possible I won't entirely exist until Tuesday night at earliest.

Well wishes and luck is greatly appreciated, because I'm still nervous as fuck about the salesman aspect of it, even if I have the Tarot stuff pretty down.
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So I spent all yesterday in pain and feeling like shit, and today I still feel grumpy and awful, but there is work to be done and I'm trying to make myself do it.

In mostly unrelated news, every member of my family older than me is exhausting to deal with this week, and I am about ready to yell at them all.

However, Bast is amazing and I am lucky they're willing to not only deal with my grumpy and sadness but try and help me get my shit together and actually get stuff done. Even if I fail at actually doing so.

This space may turn into a ta-done or to-do list later. For right now I am just waving tiredly at everyone.

EDIT: ... I somehow fucked up the computer trying to plug in my headphones and I had to fuck with it trying to get to the battery. I got it up again, but it was like an hour, it was stressful, I still have to do work which is also stressful, and I really just want to either nap or burrow in distractions for the day.

Fuck today, man.

Hugs would be really appreciated.
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So as stated, this past weekend I was with my family, mostly so my mother and I could go do the Wicked lottery. Friday was kind of a busy mess, so we ended up skipping that and giving our first shot for the Saturday matinee. And won our first shot. Front-row seats.

It was awesome.

Picture + some rambling review/glee under the cut. )

So, that worked out, and then I got to run around a park hunting Pokemon with my brothers on Sunday. Then yesterday I got my best friend for my one-day-a-year. So that was good. The only thing that really marred the last few days was the fact that I was barely getting four hours a sleep a day, if that, from Thursday night until today.

But I've finally slept a decent amount, our power was out today but only for like an hour, and I need to get back on track with really doing work stuff. But probably tomorrow. Tonight I will make tacos and maybe continue to write for Lupercalia.


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