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January goals: I accomplished none of them. I was functionally useless all month, so that should come as no surprise. But.

February Goals
1. Talk to my mother about moving and continue taking steps towards moving afterwards.
2. Acquire either a chewing necklace or a spinning ring, see if that helps at all at work.
3. Collect numbers from people.
4. Finish reading Blood of Olympus.
5. For the love of god, write SOMETHING.

I should add much, much more to that list. But let's be honest, this list is probably going to get failed too, so why add more conditions for sucking.

I am very tired. And very sorry. And going to go try to shut up again.
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I am stealing an idea from [profile] thebonesofferalletters and [personal profile] bookblather, and going to try doing this this year. Maybe it'll work a bit better than a longer and less time-specific list. Still going to try and take it easy on myself, but here goes?

January Goals
1. Talk to my mother about moving and continue taking steps towards moving afterwards.
2. Start a savings account; put away at least $100 between all three checks for the month.
3. Write something. Even if it's a 200-word ficlet, write and preferably finish something. (Finish is suspendable if I start something long/continue something long.)
4. Transpose at least 3 of the characters in my brain to new verses like I've been thinking of. It doesn't need to be super-indepth and I don't need to write anything for it, but at least start.
5. Write a review for one thing that's seen/read/whatever this month. Twelfth Night, Into the Woods, or HoO, probably.
6. Start figuring out stress relief and/or self-care things that can be done. This will probably be an ongoing project, but... start.
7. Get your goddamn ears pierced. You know you want it. You have the money. You'll be near places to do it. Stop being silly about it and do it, because you'll be happy you did. (Bast, you want to clop over to the mall with me next time I'm there?)
8. Finish gathering phone numbers I had previously/collecting them from people. (If you're in the US and want to give me your number, feel free to take this as a cue.)
9. Set up new Kindle.
10. Go through files on my parent's hard drive, collect old music I want back and figure out how to set up mp3 players with it.

At the end of the month, I'll go through the list, see how it worked out, and make new ones/carry over ones for February.

Tonight before work I'm gonna try and do the first two fannish snowflake challenges. For now, Community. and then sleep. so much sleep.


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