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Guess who's a scattered mess today! Hint, it's me. It's generally me.

Babbling about yesterday's mess. )

So yes. I have many things to do today, but I'm gonna try and do all the Tarot stuff between doing those things. And then tomorrow I leave for Tennessee! We should be back Monday night, but not til at least 10 or 11 at night, and then there's stuff to take care of Tuesday, so it's entirely possible I won't entirely exist until Tuesday night at earliest.

Well wishes and luck is greatly appreciated, because I'm still nervous as fuck about the salesman aspect of it, even if I have the Tarot stuff pretty down.
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Look, look, it's an actual update!

  • Our air is finally fixed! Now if we can just get maintenance to come take a look at the leak in the other side of the apartment we'd be set.

  • I think I am starting to very slowly claw my way out of the absolute rock bottom I felt like I kept landing at for a bit. I'm still not doing great, and every time real life stuff creeps up I still panic, but I feel a little less constantly horrible, so that's something. Things are still kind of awkward and stilted and strange, especially with people, though, so if I sound kind of off, that's why. Ther's con this weekend, followed by Samhain; I'm hoping this helps boost things, but there's also a chance it will screw it up, so we'll see.

  • I cannot shake the voice that says I should try to NaNo, and NaNo properly, this year. It would be really stupid, considering how I still have to do all the stuff I failed to do this month in November, and how I haven't written more than like 5k in a year in years, and how I haven't even tried to do it properly the last few times I did NaNo and I still didn't get anything written past week one, and I have no idea what I would write. (That's kind of a lie, I have a couple of ideas I keep staring at; but the science + magic verse isn't plotted enough, neither is the ghost detective, I feel like I don't have the information or skill for Strangers yet, Sentient Magic shorts don't count as "doing it properly", and while I could steal my plot from a few NaNos back and give Cin and Regan's story a stab, I don't know if that's going to turn out any better than last time.) But I can't stop thinking about it either, which is annoying.

    I don't know, maybe I can turn this into actual productivity with work. Or into rainbowfic shorts. Either way, I'll take it.

  • Book editing is creeping towards done pretty steadily. It might not be out before mom leaves for her retreat first weekend in November, but it should be out before Thanksgiving, so we're on schedule. Then my primary work to-do-list for November, not counting the daily stuff I already do, is: figure out tarot pricing and delivery; set up tarot pages; set up tarot blog and commit to updating it weekly; figure out how to promote that; sign up for elance and a couple other places and start looking for editing/formatting/etc; start figuring out if there's anything else I can do editing-wise.

  • I continue to spend way too much time staring at Youtube, though I've been doing that while doing repetitive copy-past-format stuff, so. I may end up marathon watching Halloween cartoon shorts while I work today, because I'm really in the mood for them. Also been playing games; between Overwatch and Avengers Academy and getting Pokemon Go downloaded again, I've been spending way more time on games than I should be. But the Pokemon Go Halloween event is amazing and I have no regrets and we've actually been out walking around this week and it's actually a decent temperature outside. It's nice.


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