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So I just impulse signed up for [community profile] mini_wrimo for 100 words a day. I have fic that I wanted to work on in November for an informal NaNo anyway, so. We'll see how it goes?

10. A song that makes you sad

The Ship in Port - Radical Face
You said the ship in port is the safer one/But it's not the reason it was made/So forgive me if I wander off/And forgive me more if I just stay

Most of the songs I can think of that make me sad are songs I overidentify with for no good reason, so let's just skip straight to the one that I horribly overidentify with for very very good reasons. Also, Radical Face is good at making me cry just in general sometimes, whether I identify with the song or not.

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So the situation in LA I was looking for help with has been taken care of, we're pretty sure. It's a little bit still getting sorted, but she should have a place to live for a while and be moving in Tuesday. Thank everything, and seriously, thank anyone who offered advice or boosted or anything. I appreciate it a lot. <3

Other than that I have very little to say, but I have doctorly things to take care of this week (birth control today, glasses Monday), so that's exciting, or something. I'm really tired right now so I can't say I'm excited to deal with it, but I am excited to have it done, so ask me again Tuesday.

On an unrelated note, I have been meaning to go back to the music meme I was doing for ages. So let's give that a shot and see if I can 1) get myself to update more and 2) manage to get to the end by, I don't know, Thanksgiving? December? Something.

9. A song that makes you happy
Shut Up and Dance/Video Killed the Radio Star Mashup -- Nick Pitera and Evynne Hollens

I don't know what to say except that it fills me with joy every time. *shrugs* It's ridiculous and it makes me really happy.

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It is a super-bad pain day and I have no idea what I did to my back. So much fun. :| I am taking a shower and seeing if that helps, and then I have some time to start Tarot pulls. Then I go to my mother's overnight to work on some last bits of stuff to sell at PUF and come home tomorrow for the last week's stretch of getting shit together before the festival.

It's gonna be a something week.

I am technically a couple of days behind on the music meme, but since I'm gonna disappear for a week as is, screw it, I'm gonna continue doing this the slow way, because I enjoy it more than doing massive dumps. *shrug*

8. A song about drugs or alcohol

First thing to come to mind is Health to the Company -- the version I know best is not anywhere on the internet but the Brobdignagian Bards are also acceptable.

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I am made of tired and scattered and so much to do before PUF. Possibly to-do lists later, but for now, before I try to switch gears into work mode:

7. A song to drive to
Living on a Prayer -- Bon Jovi

Honorary mention to the entire Last 5 Years soundtrack. I also kind of feel like Dessa's going to make a lot of appearances if that whole learning-to-drive-and-getting-my-own-car thing works out.

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6. A song that makes you want to dance

The list is long, and is actually what I've mostly been listening to for like a week now, so have a small selection:

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I will do comments later when I'm not running around doing stuff with my mother, but I really appreciate everyone who offered hugs or links or anything at all. The rest of last night/today has been significantly less awful, and my mom and I had a decent time making stuff for the pagan festival until 5 am last night, so things are much better. Early Beltane celebrations and more stuff to sell is on the docket today, and then home tonight.

Music meme catchup while I have my coffee:

4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel -- Billy Joel

Most people I seriously don't want to think about aren't really linked to music, or at least any music I can remember, which is good, but this one has some connections that makes it hard to listen to sometimes.

5. A song that needs to be played LOUD
The Hardest Button to Button -- the White Stripes

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My hair is now blue, and I am waiting for my mother to get in touch to figure out what the hell is going on today. I am so tired. So, so tired. And also so rambly. I don't know why.

3. A song that reminds you of summer

Oh Shit, It's the Faeries -- Parnassus

It reminds me of Midsummer, that counts, right?

--Okay, I have way more songs that make me think of winter/autumn/cold weather than summer for some reason, and despite living somewhere that's basically summer for 2/3rds of the year, I don't have anything that brings up strong summer memories -- trying to think of something that sounds like summer to me brings Sight of the Sun (fun) and Flyweight Love (Vienna Teng) to mind, but I could not tell you why.

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All I wanna do today is listen to music and ignore the world and it is a problem. Anyway, have a thematically appropriate meme continuation:

2. A song you like with a number in the title

1941 -- Klaypex
Follow the beat and let it ring

...So every other song to jump to mind for this was horribly depressing, but this one is like the exact opposite; it's move music. Also I first found it through a goddamn beautiful Agent Carter vid that is in my top-five-ever favorite vids list.

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That's totally the saying, right?

Answers to the movie quote guessing meme, including a couple of pitches for lesser-known movies:

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Aaaand now another meme! A music meme! This one yanked from [personal profile] forests_of_fire. It is much more longterm, so let's see if this gets me to post a little more regularly.

1. A song you like with a color in the title )

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In other news, tonight we are dying my hair, or at least bleaching it to dye tomorrow, and I am getting back to work for the first time after this long, kinda fucked up month. It's not the best day ever, but it's better than the last couple. I really hope this continues, but I have to see my mother this weekend, so who knows.


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