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Iiiit's card draw time again! Yes, it was just card time a little while ago. Yes, the last card draw time lasted longer than I meant it to. But I'm still nervous about in-person readings for the festival this month and I'm hoping doing more draws now will prepare me for it a little better, so here we are.

I am offering free one-to-three card Tarot readings. Let me know if you have a question or a focus, and if you know how many cards you want or if I should choose. Feel free to ask questions if you're not sure; I'm happy to discuss and figure out what will fit best.

Decks available are under the cut, or, if you feel adventurous and want to help me test a gimmick -- give me your Hogwarts House and I'll draw from the appropriate deck! You can also let me pick the deck if you have no preference.

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I do not need to spend all day staring at decks I don't need to get.

However, I'm not on my usual computer and I don't want to lose these links, so let me share and say:
The Numinous Tarot looks AMAZING and I need to hop on that kickstarter when it goes up

And I have never seriously looked into Lenormand decks, but the person who did Linestrider has one and it's GORGEOUS and I need to save up for it, I just need to decide between getting the cheaper smaller one or waiting for the big one to go on sale again. Probably the smaller one.

... I will collect all the divination decks. You can't stop me. Only my bank account can stop me.
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I have a sudden, sharp desire to get back into regular spellwork, and I am just. not set up for that right now. Not mentally or physically; I have no tool, no altar setup, nothing physical to work with, and my space is just... not clean and orderly enough to get into even a lightly ritual-esque headspace in. And this is my own fault, I've been trying to fix it for months, but it's really upsetting me for no good reason right now.

Ugh. On an only semi-related note, though, my mother and I are going to be vending at the Pagan Unity Festival in May. I'm going to be doing in-person Tarot readings for part of the time, which... I am currently not touching my cards often at all, and I've been really doubtful of myself lately. So! Would anyone like a one-card draw as I try to get my head in the game?

(I may do this a couple more times in the lead-up to PUF, too.)

Only three decks on offer this time; if you have a preference, let me know, otherwise I'll pick at random:
* Tarot Draconis
* Omegaland
* Linestrider
* Welcome to Night Vale tarot

4/15 UPDATE: Opening this to new people as I'm trying to go post to 2017revival today, but Omegaland is temporarily missing. Adding Night Vale instead since that's new. If anyone who asked before sees this and wants to change to NV before I do theirs/wants to ask for a second from Night Vale feel free, as we just got it and I need to get a handle on it.
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I have a OneTab list of 61 fics I want to podfic, have acquired movies for a vid I want to make, and have the desire to go poke at the learn-to-draw site again.

I still am four things behind on the January Meme and I think four on Snowflake; I really, really need to work; and that's ignoring the part where cleaning and boxes should be done right now; but all I want to do is poke at new forms of creativity. It is a problem.

Less of a problem: The ever-amazing Bast got me a new Tarot deck as a late-arriving Christmas gift and I think I am going to take a poke at it today. It is so pretty, and so bright and, I don't know, clean compared to most of my decks, I am looking forward to breaking into it and hearing what it has to say. :)

Would anyone like a one-card draw? Not doing a whole formal write-up or asking for promotions, but I wouldn't mind getting a handle on it with some draws.
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As of now (Wednesday, 2:30 am, EST), this post is closed. Many thanks to anyone who responded.
As many of you might be aware from my posts, I am attempting to start a career as a Tarot reader online. I'm hoping to actually get this started at the beginning of next month; I'm working on getting my space ready to go.

One thing I need, however, is testimonials.

So here's a Tarot-selling post with a point:

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So: as those of you hanging around here know, I just moved in with [profile] thebonesofferalletters, my partner of many years, and a third roommate who's joining us this weekend. In doing so I moved about an hour away from my family, which is a much healthier position for me to be in than living with them like I was. I also left my awful job stocking at Walmart, which was hell on both my body (I am not a physically well creature) and my anxiety/depression (I am not a mentally well creature). Which is great for me mentally and physically. Not so much financially. We're surviving, but things are going to be pretty tight at the moment; I am going to be looking for jobs, but unpacking and getting the house set up has been taking longer than anticipated, for a lot of reasons, many of them outside of our control or related to our varied disabilities.

So here's a Tarot-selling post, so that hopefully I can help contribute a little more. For those of you who are unaware, I have fourteen years of experience with Tarot, more than half my life now. (I started when I was twelve.) I've also read for people over the internet a lot in the past few years. I also have access to Oracle cards, and while I don't have quite as much experience with them, they are another service I am more than happy to offer.

Here's how we're going to do this this time around:

Comment and receive a free one-card draw from any Tarot deck. Feel free to pick a specific deck from the list below, and let me know if you have a focus/question or just want a general reading; it would also help if you could list one or two things you strongly associate with (colors, animals, stones, words, hell, even characters -- just something to help me focus a little). I am happy to PM you if you'd like to receive your reading privately instead of publicly; let me know, because the default will be public. (Note: please do not choose the Oracle decks for your free draw; they tend to be a more complete reading in a single card, and take much more energy because of that.)
If you signalboost this post somewhere public and link me to it, you will get a second card also for free! Let me know when you drop me the link if you'd like a different deck from each card (whether of your choice or mine), and also whether you have a different focus/question for the second card.
(Alternately, if you do signalboost, you can get a single Oracle card reading, instead of two Tarot card pulls; please let me know when you reply if you'd like that instead.)

If you would like a longer reading, please see the list of spreads below for pricing! I'm also happy to work with you to find the right spread if you've got a question or a focus, but aren't sure quite which spread would work best for your query.

Decks! )

Spreads and Pricing )

If you have any questions or anything is unclear, feel free to ask! If you'd like to contact me privately, you can PM me, or email me at You can find my Paypal under Please feel free to spread this far and wide, and thank you for looking!

Quick Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, a medical professional, or offering expertise in any area other than reading the cards; please consult an expert if you find yourself in need of one. What you do with this advice is your own decision.


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