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1. I don't think it needs to be said really, but I don't do things for April Fools, so you're good with me.

2. I officially signed up for Camp NaNo! I am not... writing yet.... But I'm rewatching the thing my main project is fic for so that totally counts, right? Anyway, I will probably primarily be:
  • Trying to finish the Peggy Carter psychic wolves fic from February; this is priority A and I'm planning to get it done by the end of the month if nothing else happens.
  • If I do finish that maybe eyeing the two-year-old Clint/Bucky/Steve/Natasha fic I started for a big bang and never finished.
  • Trying to go back to January meme prompts/other old prompts.
  • Rainbowfic.
  • Possibly some treats for exchanges going on now.

I may talk about some of this on the writing filter, we'll see. I'm also hoping to maybe get some worldbuilding done so I can start working more seriously on original stuff after.

If anyone's on the site and wants to befriend or such, drop me a link/poke me and I'll give you my profile. Sometimes I get distracted by NaNo boards, so I may be around there some.

3. I will get to Tarot pulls tomorrow. It's been a long couple of days and I still kind of feel like crap, so things are sluggish.
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You know what I really need to properly make a list of characters to transfer and where to put them?

A complete, accurate version of old character lists, and a much more indepth knowledge of how my verses work that I haven't had the brain to put together.

I think I miiiiight be able to fix the first half if I go digging through old emails, I just need to go dig.

As a side note, if anyone's interested in watching these lists develop, and possibly helping me choose between options, I'm thinking I might do posts as I go over at [community profile] temperedwithfable.
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Soooo, I usually leave this to [profile] thebonesofferalletters cause they're better at gathering people than I am, but: Does anyone want to do writingchat?

Cause I am still basically just trying to get anything to come out and maybe writingchat will help and if not, I don't know, maybe it'll help someone else. Also I'm sleep deprived! That could be entertaining. And willing to throw out prompts! Or host word wars!

I don't know, come join me because maybe the community thing will get the words out. Nothing else is working.

EDIT: I am going to be on-and-off for a while BUT this offer still stands if anyone wants to join me for a writing chat sometime around midnight EST.
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why is it I can't tag, write my polybigbang, or write anything else that's been in my head for weeks now

but I can sit down and pound out 2k of Bucky Barnes learning about the spoon theory in about 90 minutes.

and now I sincerely doubt I can write anything else. the fucking hell, brain.

(we're not talking about the rest of it. I am gonna cry and scream and bite things if I keep thinking about the rest of it, so tonight, I get to Not Think About The Rest Of It. and that's not healthy or what I should be doing, but I also? should not flip my shit in front of my mother while I try to convince her I can handle life out on my own.)

(or maybe I should and she can just give up on me completely and then I can do whatever I want.)


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