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Things that have taken root in my brain tonight and I still don't know why:

MCU college AU, where hard-of-hearing!Clint and child-of-Deaf-adult!Natasha who have been best friends for years take Deaf Culture as a blow-off class and meet tiny, angry hard-of-hearing!Steve who has spent so long demanding that his disability(/ies, probably) should make no difference to anyone that he's just now finally dipping his toe into learning ASL and learning about Deaf culture.

I cannot decide if I am actually writing this or not but I'm entertaining myself on and off by playing it out in my head. It makes me smile.
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Two entirely separate notes:

1. A brief list of stories rattling my brain, which may turn onto a babbly post in the morning:
The Indexing/MCU field team AU
The THG/Indexing AU where Finnick's a little mermaid
ALL the psychic wolves
Lay Me In the House You're Building (aka the polybigbang)
Toby Daye, the Hunger Games AU

2. Dear brain: there are some valid critcisms on name things that I will accept from you. Not being able to live up to some weird wordless indescribable impression it gives me, that is not one of them.

(I think. I'm trying not to let it be.)


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