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And then I had to spend the night in stationary area.

Which right now - between the notebooks, the paper crafting supplies, the sewing stuff, and the jewlery stuff - just feels like a parade of shit Id like to do and never will have my head together for.

So done with total creative block. So done with so many things. Like fucking Walmart.
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I don't have brain to run around replying to comments, but thank you if you've replied to my last couple of posts. I appreciate it and I'll try to stop whining now.

I wasted my weekend again, but taxes are done, and I wrote something I didn't hate and cracked 10k for the year. I need to see if I can get the fic beta'd so I can put it up, but... Betas are hard. So we'll see.

And now I am starting night 1 of 7 straight nights on. This should be.... Something.
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I am at bus stops/on busses til at least 930. I get up at 330 and leave again around 5. Fuck. Everything.

Misc to do list:
- Sunday: Get bus money out
- Monday: M: Call hospital
- Monday: ?: Taxes
- Monday: N: Talk to mom
- At Bast's: Alter music player
- Next week: Find tarot decks, draft post, start transfer process + job hunt, cry a lot
- Sunday next: Transfer back to parents

And in general: Stop getting pissed off that I'm paying more than a months worth of paychecks for someone to shine a light in my ears. Cause I am either gonna cry or get really pissed if I don't.
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Since about 2 am Wednesday, I believe, I have slept 5 broken hours.

I am now on my way to work.

There's no way this can go bad, nope. I'm a genius.

Edit: and my hospital bill is arrived. Fuck. I wanted to do movies this week. Don't know if I can after I see it.
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All food is weird, all parts of me hurt, all light is too bright. I want nothing more than to curl up on someone's lap and be allowed to be twitchy and get hugs for a while, and I don't get that for at least nine days.

I am so, so tired.
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My night so far:
> Slept through my alarms, woke up at 7:15
> Got on the bus to parents at 7:45
> Started crying before I got off the bus
> Stopped crying for about twenty minutes, long enough to eat
> Started crying again, hard enough that my parents convinced me to call out, because I'm pretty sure I'd have just ended up sobbing through my shift if I didn't

So, yeah. Guess who's not working tonight after all?

I am at parents, stealing my mother's computer while she watches horror movies. I still kind of feel like crying and like I went through the wringer, but I calmed down some and watching Midnight Hour distracted me.

I still want to hit things over NaNo, I still feel like I'm mostly missing my holiday, but I don't think I'm going on another two-hour crying jag, so.


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