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Name a character I do some kind of creative work about, and I will tell you the five(ish) things I think are fundamental to understanding them.

(Fandom and original are both a go.) (Also for the record I am a little more than half through questions for the last meme/game-ish things I did, so I will get that up soon.)
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I still plan on going back and doing a bunch of old ones, but my recent desire to worldbuild, and specifically character-build, got brought up, and a thing coalesced, so. I'm gonna paste together and bastardize a couple of old memes in the service of character and world development.

Here's the game. I have a set of characters, numbered from 1 to 20. They come from 5 different original worlds and stories that I want to be working on this year. Some of them know each other; some, even from the same world, don't; some of them have been kicking around in my head about a decade, and some of them are sitting on that list with a three-word character description in the hopes I'll have named them by the time I'm done here.

You can:
  • Ask questions about what they're like/what they like. ("What's 4's favorite ice cream flavor", or, "What was 9's family like".)
  • Ask questions about their role in the story. ("What is 11's driving motivation".)
  • Ask more meta questions about what they're like. ("What House would 19 be in" or "What would 12 think of 8".)
  • Propose scenarios and I will describe how they'd go. ("1, 5, and 10 are on a roadtrip together; where are they going and how does it go?" or "16 has to pick someone else on the list to go on a date with; who do they choose?")
  • Ask any other question you can come up with.
  • Ask multiple questions about one character.
  • Ask questions about as many characters as you'd like.
  • Ask the same question about different characters.
  • Jump in on another thread and ask additional/tangential questions that occur based on what someone else has to ask.

At some point, when I have a fair few questions, I will either edit this post with the list and start answering questions in the comments, or put up a new one with the list and answers - it largely depends on how many questions I get. (And once that's done, you're free to toss in additional questions, either before looking at the list, or that come up in response to previous answers.)
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I am gonna go back and do headcanons too but what the hell. So, I have a list of fifteen universes, I want you to give me a number and one of the following:
* A place name (in which case you will get at least two fun facts about the universe/story/whatever I feel like)
* A song (in which you will get two songs that I feel like go with the universe)
* A kink (in which you will get two relationships in the universe and I will babble a bit about them)
* A quote (in which you will get a ficlet or babble on a thing I'd like to write within the universe)

Feel free to ask for multiple things, repeat numbers someone else has asked or anything else.
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There was a tiny problem to work around, because nobody informed me that you need an actual letter, but my two weeks have officially begun. My last night of work is Friday, May 20th. And then I'm done. No more Walmart for me. Ever.

(And I mean it. Fucking ever. I will work retail and stocking and jobs that hurt me physically again if I need it. But I am done with Walmart. My store is a mess of communication problems, awful management, and impossible demands -- and we are one of the consistently highest-rated stores in our entire state. I am not dealing with a version of that that probably has its shit together even less.)

Anyway, if anyone's curious/for my own benefit/for people to poke me into sticking to, this is what the next month or so looks like:

Schedule )

At some point there's a couple of other lists I'd like to make, but they are more abstract than this, and I am thinking about them. Soon, though.

I am still a little terrified, but I am starting to get excited, too. I'm beyond ready to be on to a new phase. It's long overdue.

And on an unrelated note, writing is difficult, and I'm pretty sure most creativity (and... general life things that are not either impossibly to avoid or coming really easy for the moment) is on pause til the move is done, but I'd like to do something vaguely creative, so have a meme. Yes I know I suck at memes, but I will eventually go back and respond to others, and for now:

Leave me a character, get three headcanons about them. Fandom or original. (Bonus round: Leave a character and either a topic or an AU setting [whether it's one I already play around with or not], get three headcanons on that topic/in that setting. Otherwise you get random things that come to mind.)
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Okay, writing is basically impossible, so here's a thing:

Under the cut are 15 [community profile] rainbowfic stories I have in mind but am stalled on/cannot start! Pick one (or two, or five, whatever) you like the sound of, and I will either:
1. Write the next three sentences and post them for you. [Or the first three if I didn't start it yet.]
2. Write the sentence or image that keeps floating around my head for it and post it for you. [Because that's generally how these things work.]
or 3. Tell you three random things about it. [They may or not totally make sense out of context, and may be meta on why I want to write the fic/setting up the timeline or world/something other than a straight what happens.]

Feel free to pick something someone else did; I'll either do a different number or just share more. And if you need verse notes, those are here.

Fics. )
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So I am stealing a writing game from the ever-wonderful [profile] thebonesofferalletters, because they are lovely and letting me and because I wanted the anonymity aspect, which I couldn't get by just poking in their comments as suggested. Here is theirs; I am basically stealing it wholesale. Except I went to 30. Why? Because narrowing down is hard. Also, I'm not doing the OC-a-day thing, so this is close! 9 (I think) verses represented, and a lot of characters are on here that I have not poked nearly enough.

Here's the game. I have a set of characters numbered from 1 to 30. You may ask them any questions you'd like, and you can keep the conversation going. You can ask them ICly or just as yourself. They will respond with an honest answer and as people ask questions, I will update the post whit who correlates to what number.

You can:
  • ask multiple questions to one character.
  • ask questions of as many characters as you'd like.
  • ask the same question to different characters.
  • ask more questions of characters that have already been revealed.
  • ask additional/clarification/tangential questions in response to answers.
  • jump in on another answer/conversation if the subject sounds interesting to you and/or your character.
  • use original or fannish characters to ask/comment
  • leave your own character for people to ask questions to if you want, be it as a list form or as a singular character who you would like to play with.

List! To be filled in as questions are asked. )
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Screw it, my brain is dead so I'm just gonna offer a not-really-meme and a meme that I have not seen in forever, and maybe one will jumpstart it a little:

1. Give me fanmix prompts, get a mix. Seriously, whatever -- fandom-related, story-related, theme, random topic, whatever you want. My only note is that my computer is evil, so for 8tracks I will need to wait til I can steal a different one and do a cover/uploads. Let me know if you'd rather I just shove you a tracklist instead of wait, I guess?

2. Give me the title of a story I've never written and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any or all of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, my soundtrack/theme song for writing, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, and/or something else that I want readers to know.

Fandoms; verses; original stories open for #2 as well as fic.


Aug. 12th, 2015 01:12 pm
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I'm a little late on the bandwagon but I really fucking miss writing, and maybe this will jog something, so:

Throw me a concept/idea and and I will give you a brief summary of the story I would tell based around it.


May. 24th, 2015 12:14 am
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Tonight is awful and tomorrow probably won't be better so give me something to think about?

Let's have this one again:

Give me a character and I'll tell you three things that I believe about their sexuality/sex life/experience.
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Bast did a modified variant of the I Surrender/TV show meme. I am so in board. This thing needs to come back properly. :D

1) Comment here with the basis of a TV show; give as much or as little detail as you'd like on it.
2) I'll create a show summary and a character list with actors and bios. There may also be theme songs, episode lists, fandom description, or anything else that strikes me.
3) If you'd like, ask me to leave you a prompt as well.
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1. Comment with any character/pairing you know I've written/talked about recently.
2. Receive three bits of trivia about their sexuality: practices, preferences, experiences, fantasies, kinks, etc.
3. Profit!

I'm still doing the other one if you want non-sexuality facts instead/too but why not.


Mar. 4th, 2015 07:11 pm
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That meme where you give me a character and I tell you three random pieces of personal canon about them: let's do that.

Original characters up for grabs as well as fandom, asking for a character someone else has gone for is welcome. Give me something to brainstorm at work please?


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