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As I've mentioned a few times, I'm beginning a career as a Tarot reader online. I'm pretty much knee-deep in the process now, and I'm working on setting up the website with all the details -- and making it look good, which is the part where I'm in need of some kind of help.

I need an artist. So I'm hoping that if anyone either thinks they'd be interested, or knows an artist who might, you might send an email my way.

12/7: Have gotten something worked out, thanks to anybody who took a look/shared the link.
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As of now (Wednesday, 2:30 am, EST), this post is closed. Many thanks to anyone who responded.
As many of you might be aware from my posts, I am attempting to start a career as a Tarot reader online. I'm hoping to actually get this started at the beginning of next month; I'm working on getting my space ready to go.

One thing I need, however, is testimonials.

So here's a Tarot-selling post with a point:

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