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Dear awesome person,

I know I'm a little late on getting this up and running, so if you already have something in mind, please go ahead and write the fic you're thinking of! That said, if you're looking for inspiration, let's go and hopefully I can help. :D

DNWs: Graphic blood or gore, PWP, humiliation/embarrassment played for laughs, graphic noncon. I'm not a huge fan of explicit sex in general, and I'd prefer to avoid character bashing.

General Likes:
Chosen families, domestic fluff, relationships getting through rocky patches, relationships that are unbalanced or unhealthy but not necessarily abusive, people with unhealthy relationships to their emotions trying to figure out how to have healthy relationships, "us against the world" narratives for both friendships and romances, D/s dynamics and lifestyle BDSM, narratives about loss or change. I'm okay with anything on either the fluff or angst side for relationships, from happy first get-togethers to breakups, so feel free to go for the jugular if you want to write something unhappy. I'm also a fan of ridiculous pining tropes like forced to share a bed, fake dating, or for poly relationships, falling in love with an established couple and trying to hide it; I'd prefer those to have happy endings, but the more it makes me want to shout "just spit it out", the better.

For AUs, I am always a fan, and the only kind I'm generally not into are historical ones. Some general favorites: "what if" scenarios from canon; soulmates; BDSM-verse; post-apocalyptic; in SPACE; any kind of fantasy/magic, urban or high or something in between; werewolves, fae, or other kinds of supernatural creatures; reincarnations of past friends/lovers meeting again; Hogwarts.

Below is finally some pairing-specific prompts and a few stray fandom/pairing thoughts, but you absolutely don't have to use any of these; feel free to take them as inspiration if you'd like, however. :D

Chess - Rice/Ulvaeus/Andersson
As you might have gathered from my requests, Svetlana is my favorite character, and I'm always wanting more fic involving her. I'm most familiar with the Actor's Fund version (with Julia Murney and Sutton Foster), followed by the Royal Albert Hall video (Idina Menzel and Kerry Ellis), but feel free to play with any version or mix them together. Also feel free to put more than one of these in a fic, whether it's starting as one and transitioning to another or something dealing with infidelity.

Alexander Molokov/Svetlana Sergievsky:
* I'd really be interested to see a romantic version of this pairing done; I'm also absolutely up for this being kind of sketchy as well, but the way my brain goes for this is always on the angst-and-manipulation side, and I'd be interested in seeing another take.
* Or to go way the other way: secret affair during the show as part of Molokov's greater plan to manipulate Anatoly, either where Svetlana's aware she's being manipulated or thinks there's genuine feeling.
* Immediate aftermath of Anatoly's defection.
* Confessions.

Anatoly Sergievsky/Svetlana Sergievsky:
* This pairing is a favorite of mine for angst and heart-break, especially involving anything dealing with the aftermath of the show, whether it's quiet and tense or them erupting at each other.
* I'd also love to see something where after the show, they deal with the issues between them, work things out, and manage to slowly rebuild their relationship into a happy marriage again.
* Backstory fluff: just married adorableness before things go wrong, celebrating after Anatoly's first major win, first meetings, etc.
* Morning together.

Svetlana Sergievsky/Florence Vassy:
* Florence teaches Svetlana to play chess.
* First impressions.
* Long distance.
* AU where somehow Florence meets Svetlana in Merano as well and they fall in love instead.

Inara Serra/River Tam, Inara Serra/Simon Tam

Inara Serra/River Tam:
* Meeting again after one or both leaves Serenity for good.
* River has a crush and either isn't trying to hide it or isn't very good at it; Inara reacts. (Either one-sided or requited would be fine for this!)
* River has to pretend to be a Companion for a job, Inara teaches her how.
* Late at night on the bridge when everyone else is asleep.
* A proper Companion tea service.

Inara Serra/Simon Tam:
* Their quiet scene together in Out of Gas -- the one where Simon goes on about suffocation -- is where I really started shipping this, and I'd love an explicitly shippy tag to that scene or episode.
* Saying goodbye before Inara leaves between the show and the movie.
* AU where they meet on Osiris while Simon is in med school.
* Proposal/kidfic/otherwise future domestic settling down fic.
* Dressing up.

Harry Potter

Sirius Black/Remus Lupin/James Potter/Lily Evans Potter
* Mourning together after a death in the First War.
* Sedoretu AU. Some prompts: last days at Hogwarts; getting together; proposal; snow day; full moon recovery.
* Out on a date in Hogsmede.
* At James and Lily's wedding, keeping it a secret that they're involved with the other two
* First kisses.

Lily Evans & Remus Lupin
* Prefect duties.
* Waiting together for word of success after an Order mission.
* AU where Lily survives Halloween.
* Road trip the Muggle way.

Luna Lovegood/Dean Thomas
* Hogwarts dates during Luna's seventh year
* Nightmares about the war
* Second love
* Luna the writer and Dean the illustrator (post-Hogwarts, as an AU, as a completely non-magical AU, however you want to do it)

Agent Carter
Peggy shows up in a few of the general MCU prompts; feel free to use multiple pairings in a fic even if they're in different categories (i.e., Peggy & the Commandos with existing or past Peggy/Steve/Bucky, or Peggy/Natasha with past Peggy/Howard).

Peggy Carter/Howard Stark
I am generally more into this pairing being at least somewhat unhealthy most of the time; I can see them being okay for each other as friends, but not as being particularly good for each other in a romantic context. Fluff is still welcome, however! I just prefer any AUs where they end up together long-term to not be necessarily healthy for everyone involved.

* Having an affair after one or both gets married.
* Working on Project Rebirth.
* Howard finally gets his kiss after they fish him out of the Thames. (I'm pretty sure the story's supposed to be made up, but let's pretend. XD)
* After nearly having to have Howard shot down (the end of S1), Peggy doesn't want to let him out of her sight quite yet.
* Pretending to be married/dating for spy shenanigans

Peggy Carter & Michael Carter
* Survival AU where they end up working together after the war -- Michael is part of SHIELD as well, ends up in the New York SSR office, or just comes to be a liaison for a specific situation, etc.
* Survival AU playing with the theory that Michael might have ended up a bad guy in season 3 if it had been made
* Any kind of backstory or scenes from their childhood.
* Other times Michael has shown up in Peggy's dreams (either supernatural ongoings where he's a ghost or some kind of connection, or just actual dreams)
* Sick day

Peggy Carter & the Howling Commandos
* Peggy recruiting any/all of the Commandos for SHIELD
* AU with Cap!Peggy and her team
* Peggy meeting the Commandos' spouses and children or vice versa
* First anniversary of Steve's death
* First impressions

Marvel Cinematic Universe
If you have any desire to put any of these together in a fic (or pair them with any of the Agent Carter requests above), feel free, whether they're same character in multiple relationships (over time, polyamory, infidelity, whatever) or unrelated ships in the same fic.

Gamora/Jane Foster
* Gamora guiding Jane through another planet
* First Thor movie AU where the alien that lands on Earth is Gamora (on the run from Thanos, maybe, or injured and landing on the nearest planet?)
* Jane helping Gamora recuperate after a fight or a job gone wrong
* Trying to beat Thanos to an infinity stone

Jane Foster/Thor
* Getting back together post-Ragnarok (either ignoring the appearance of Thanos and having the Asgardians get to Earth, or during/after the Infinity War)
* AU where Jane goes back to Asgard at the end of the first movie and gets stuck there when the bridge is destroyed
* Moving in together, getting used to living together
* Coming back together after a long seperation
* Thor telling Jane he has to leave for a while before he goes in AOU

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Gamora
* Gamora shows up on Sakaar and becomes a champion
* They meet each other while Gamora is still working for Thanos and Valkyrie is a scrapper (chasing the same thing, maybe, or just both blowing off steam)
* Waiting for the fight to begin
* Awkward love confessions

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark
* Hurt/comfort around Rhodey learning to deal with his injuries post-Civil War
* Been in love with each other for years, never talked about it until (insert whatever during-the-movies timeline point you'd like -- Tony becomes Iron Man, Rhodey steals the suit, nearly dying from the wormhole, etc)
* Aftermath of Tony getting rescued
* Trying to impress each other during their college years
* Spending a holiday together

Natasha Romanov/Peggy Carter (MCU)
I am okay with whatever timeline-bending or AUing you want to do to make this pairing work -- some of the prompts are geared more towards one way of doing it than another, but I'm happy with just about any explanation.

* Peggy trains Natasha when she joins SHIELD.
* Peggy is Natasha's target (either as a hired gun or before she leaves the Red Room).
* Natasha helps a time-displaced Peggy adapt to the future.
* Patching each other up after a mission.
* Home-cooked meal for date night.

Peggy Carter/James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
I'm also up for any timeline-bending you want to set this pairing in TWS era and forward, or for sticking to the TFA timeline here!

* Peggy and Bucky's first proper meeting/conversation.
* No fall/crash AU: The first SHIELD mission leaves the three of them stranded together.
* Around the campfire
* The Commandos play matchmaker

Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
I generally prefer to ignore canon after TWS for this ship; if you do incorporate AOU, I'd generally prefer to either AU around Clint's family, or happy poly where Laura knows and is okay with it. (There is one prompt below that's an exception, however.)

* Backstory while they're still getting to know/learning to trust/beginning to work with each other.
* Taking a vacation
* After the fall of SHIELD
* Clint and Laura end up getting divorced a few years down the line; Natasha comforts
* Wordless ways to express love


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