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Day 9: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

I didn't create a whole lot in the last couple of years, and most things I could think of that are recent I recced in the last two times I did this, so this year I'm going with "older things that haven't gotten a lot of attention and which I'm still fairly proud of". Which is long-winded and also kind of hard for me, because I can see the flaws in my writing way more than the good things, but, here goes.

Fair warning: The Newsflesh one is hard to mention at all without spoilers, though only through book 1, so if you're stringently avoiding, uh, don't even read the notes.

1. got my name and got my wealth
Hunger Games (books); 235 words, PG-13-ish?; Gloss and voyeurism as a lifestyle, content notes for Victors/Careers being fucked up in book-compliant ways
Everything he does, every moment of his life, is played to an audience that used to be imaginary, and now is all too real.

I have nothing to say except I have way too much fun playing with how unbelievably fucked up the Victors and Careers must be, especially Gloss and Cashmere; I wrote this for a prompt on Plurk but I'm still weirdly fond of it. I really need to write more from Gloss' point of view someday.

2. Tattoos of Memory and Dead Skin on Trial
Newsflesh; 150 words, G; AU!Fed!George/Canon!Post-Feed!Shaun; Masoncest, cross-universal pairing, canon character death
The Georgia at Shaun's side isn't his George, but maybe one day.

Fed is an AU written by the author and posted by the publisher in which Shaun dies at the end of the first book and Georgia reacts horribly; if you feel like crying and you haven't seen it, see here (content warning for death and suicide). The AU where Fed!George magically runs into Canon!Shaun is the fucked-up shared universe [personal profile] rootsofthestories and I play around with on occasion, and this is a drabble I am surprisingly proud of. There's also a longer fic I wrote for the two of them, but I am pretty happy with this.

3. Matters of Blood and Connection
Sanctuary; 1830 words, Mature; Nikola/James; mild bloodplay (in a vampiric context)
One stressful night in the lab, James and Nikola turn to a familiar pattern to calm their minds.

I may be nostalgic for Sanctuary after writing the last post; but I also am genuinely pretty happy with one of my incredibly few ventures into trying to write for Porn Battle, even if it really is not porn. *shrugs* Hey, it's still closer than I usually get, to be honest. XD

NOT-SO-SECRET BONUS 4. We Will Question All Your Answers
Firefly; 1200 words, G; River-centric; content warnings for transphobic reaction to somebody coming out
River discovers something. He was always waiting to be this inside.... Hide it away, push it down. It's wrong. She just wants to be right. But gē ge, he is right.

This doesn't quite fit because it actually HAS gotten a ton of attention compared to most of what I've written, including some really lovely comments on the originally LGBTfest post (which holy crap, did I really write this nine years ago?) -- but it's still one of the things I'm honestly proudest of, and I feel like sharing it.

Date: 2018-01-11 10:32 pm (UTC)
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I'm so weird about THG. I hate the story with every fiber of my being, not necessarily because it's bad but because I hate seeing people suffer, and yet I was morbidly curious enough to read the summaries and later on all of the books (and after two months, have nightmares about them. My brain is slow). But whenever I think about writing a novel I come back to the high school AU I plotted out, with like... a lot of rare pairings, but I don't think Gloss was in there at all. I think I forgot he existed? Legit, so weird about THG. (But I had like, Fox/Cashmere in there I think??????? Fox/a Career, at least. And not Clove, because that's the one I wrote the most for, and it was teacher/student Clove/Cinna. I have issues.)

Date: 2018-01-15 07:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] summerstorm
I get that, though. High five for... acknowledging we're a little bit messed up? ;)

I'm racking my head for whether I even actually SAVED all my planning or if all I have to show for it is the two Cinna/Clove bits I put up on ao3. Sigh., I do have it. THANK YOU, PAST SELF. YOU WERE SO GOOD AT SHOWING PACKAGE CONTENT > MOVE AND RENAME ALL THE THINGS. 14k of random scenes (Gale/Katniss/Peeta, Thresh/Cato and of course more Cinna/Clove; I named Fox 'Juniper') and planning. Bless.


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