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You have reached the journal of August Thorne. Formerly quite a few things, but primarily Morgan and Alex; occasionally answers to other things as well.

I am:
> Genderqueer; using it/its, they/their, or co/cos pronouns
> Asexual; panromantic; polyamorous; kinky; engaged
> A second-generation witch
> Mentally ill and regularly vocal about brainspirals; physically messed up in various ways and regularly vocal about pain
> Nocturnal, at least until I get a different job
> A writer, sometimes an editor, a highly inactive filker, occasionally a podficcer or vidder
> A fannish thing
> A massively multifannish thing
> Awful at commenting, awful at updating, usually reading
> Always open for being friended

AO3: [ profile] apatternedfever
Original Writing Notes: [community profile] temperedwithfable
Tumblr: [ profile] inthedarkofthestory
Twitter: [ profile] darkofthestory

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Eternally open prompt post of doooooom! Spam away. Lyrics, quotes, scenarios, pictures, anything at all. Fannish, original, up for anything. My only request is gifs/vids being linked instead of embedded so my computer doesn't cry.
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Look, look, it's an actual update!

  • Our air is finally fixed! Now if we can just get maintenance to come take a look at the leak in the other side of the apartment we'd be set.

  • I think I am starting to very slowly claw my way out of the absolute rock bottom I felt like I kept landing at for a bit. I'm still not doing great, and every time real life stuff creeps up I still panic, but I feel a little less constantly horrible, so that's something. Things are still kind of awkward and stilted and strange, especially with people, though, so if I sound kind of off, that's why. Ther's con this weekend, followed by Samhain; I'm hoping this helps boost things, but there's also a chance it will screw it up, so we'll see.

  • I cannot shake the voice that says I should try to NaNo, and NaNo properly, this year. It would be really stupid, considering how I still have to do all the stuff I failed to do this month in November, and how I haven't written more than like 5k in a year in years, and how I haven't even tried to do it properly the last few times I did NaNo and I still didn't get anything written past week one, and I have no idea what I would write. (That's kind of a lie, I have a couple of ideas I keep staring at; but the science + magic verse isn't plotted enough, neither is the ghost detective, I feel like I don't have the information or skill for Strangers yet, Sentient Magic shorts don't count as "doing it properly", and while I could steal my plot from a few NaNos back and give Cin and Regan's story a stab, I don't know if that's going to turn out any better than last time.) But I can't stop thinking about it either, which is annoying.

    I don't know, maybe I can turn this into actual productivity with work. Or into rainbowfic shorts. Either way, I'll take it.

  • Book editing is creeping towards done pretty steadily. It might not be out before mom leaves for her retreat first weekend in November, but it should be out before Thanksgiving, so we're on schedule. Then my primary work to-do-list for November, not counting the daily stuff I already do, is: figure out tarot pricing and delivery; set up tarot pages; set up tarot blog and commit to updating it weekly; figure out how to promote that; sign up for elance and a couple other places and start looking for editing/formatting/etc; start figuring out if there's anything else I can do editing-wise.

  • I continue to spend way too much time staring at Youtube, though I've been doing that while doing repetitive copy-past-format stuff, so. I may end up marathon watching Halloween cartoon shorts while I work today, because I'm really in the mood for them. Also been playing games; between Overwatch and Avengers Academy and getting Pokemon Go downloaded again, I've been spending way more time on games than I should be. But the Pokemon Go Halloween event is amazing and I have no regrets and we've actually been out walking around this week and it's actually a decent temperature outside. It's nice.
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Our air is being screwed up, my brain is being screwed up, and I'm technically supposed to get a shit-ton of things done by the 28th.

The only thing I really want to do with my life right now is play Overwatch badly and ignore the world, to be honest.
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1. I am still alive; I am working away; content editing on my mother's book is underway tonight, and hopefully we're on the fast track to being done, me getting paid, and putting it out. I am at parents for the next couple of days, though, which is less than ideal, but, eh.

2. I have obviously not started OC-tober-ing. I still kind of want to ramble about something writing-related. We'll see what comes of that, if anything.

3. I am currently kind of hooked on Let's Plays, mostly of cooperative games. On the one hand, this is good background noise right now. On the other, damn does it bring back the desire to play a lot of games I can't do because I need people for them. I'm kind of hoping when I can get more into the swing of planning tabletop it takes away some of that feeling, because it makes my brain go kinda weird at times. (Not enough to stop though, so if you happen to have any LPer recs, drop them at me? I don't do horror games, end of story, but I'm pretty open beyond that.)

4. There is a love meme going:
October Love Meme hosted by [personal profile] alexseanchai: my thread
I could kind of use it right now, if anyone's got kind words to spare.

5. Aaand lastly, I am slowly but steadily setting up my phone, so if you happen to have my number - it's the same one, but I lost all my contacts, so if you can text me with who you are, I'd really appreciate it. If you didn't have my number, and you want it, poke me.
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In other, lighter news:

> If you haven't seen it yet, [personal profile] thatyourefuse is hosting an old-fashioned commentfic prompt meme. Come drop prompts and answer prompts and prove that these things still work so maybe more can happen, cause I don't know about anyone else, but I've missed these things and would like themed ones back.

> I may hop in on OC October belatedly. Not sure if I'd try to do one a day for the rest of October, one a day for 31 days, try to make up for the week I'm missing, or what, but it seems like it could be fun. ...If you happen to know any OCs of mine you'd like to see me talk about, feel free to throw names at me.

> So here's the thing: I'm not super versed in it but I love tabletop. And the game I had kind of fell apart for various time and energy and distance related reasons. But I've been missing tabletop and I've been missing it badly. Is there anyone who might be interested in starting a regular game on

Some specifics. )
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Today has been a super awful day for absolutely no reason I can give anyone; it started out okay but sore and low on energy, and the snowball just rolled from there. I've basically spent all day watching game theory videos on Youtube and playing stupid browser games. I can't even summon up the energy for work, and literally all I need to do for work on a daily basis is update social media.

I'm just leaving it for right now and hoping that if I don't push myself, tomorrow will be better. I'm damn sure if I try to borrow against future spoons, tomorrow will be worse.

But I also kind of twitch at how little I've done creatively lately, so have memes. I don't promise responses tonight but I'm hoping doing something vaugely related to creativity does something good for my brain in the long run this week.

Stolen off tumblr: Give me an AU idea, I'll give you 5 headcanons for it.
Or else: That meme where you give me a character and I tell you three random pieces of personal canon about them: let's do that.

My fandoms + also open to original verses if anyone's familiar enough with them.

to-do list

Sep. 2nd, 2016 08:51 am
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Because I am basically trying every possible method of motivation I can possibly find.

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I am still alive and 80% stable. I have many lists to make. Many many lists. Here starts lists. More lists may happen later.

To do list. )
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I'm a little late here, but it's been a super rough couple of days for various reasons, so: I could use love. Have a love meme link.
August Love Meme hosted by [personal profile] alexseanchai: my thread

My mother is coming to pick me up shortly, and I'm going to be heading over there to discuss working with her and setting up my own tarot-selling page on her site. Which means when I come back, I (1) get to seriously work on organization, and (2) get to try and figure out if this working from home thing is a real option or not.

Should be fun. And by fun I mean anxious, but what are you gonna do.
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Heeeey, people who use this thing that is supposed to be super useful. I would like to also use the useful thing. Talk to me about how you use the thing?

...Words are hard. But yeah. Have looked at the thing, think it may be of use, am going to try starting one soon, would appreciate any advice/tips/whatever from people who do the thing, if any of you do.

In other news: Heading to family's for the night, because 1. brother has an acting class showcase, and 2. one of grandmother's oldest friends died, and we're going to go try and cheer her up a little/give her company. Expect more to-do-lists when I get back, because that... actually worked out really well, so I might try doing that for a little bit. Especially as sometime this week I will be starting up/planning out work stuff with my mom, so my TDL will grow massively, most likely, at least until I get everything set up for that.
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Very sorry I haven't gotten to anything on the last post yet; moving in day took more out of me than expected and I crashed last night.

Tonight I am eating, cleansing the apartment, and then doing tarot, so I will get to most if not all comments tonight.

Thanks for being patient, signalboosting, commenting, and anything else. And if you missed it -- hey, come look, I'm doing one-card draws and selling readings!
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So: as those of you hanging around here know, I just moved in with [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters, my partner of many years, and a third roommate who's joining us this weekend. In doing so I moved about an hour away from my family, which is a much healthier position for me to be in than living with them like I was. I also left my awful job stocking at Walmart, which was hell on both my body (I am not a physically well creature) and my anxiety/depression (I am not a mentally well creature). Which is great for me mentally and physically. Not so much financially. We're surviving, but things are going to be pretty tight at the moment; I am going to be looking for jobs, but unpacking and getting the house set up has been taking longer than anticipated, for a lot of reasons, many of them outside of our control or related to our varied disabilities.

So here's a Tarot-selling post, so that hopefully I can help contribute a little more. For those of you who are unaware, I have fourteen years of experience with Tarot, more than half my life now. (I started when I was twelve.) I've also read for people over the internet a lot in the past few years. I also have access to Oracle cards, and while I don't have quite as much experience with them, they are another service I am more than happy to offer.

Here's how we're going to do this this time around:

Comment and receive a free one-card draw from any Tarot deck. Feel free to pick a specific deck from the list below, and let me know if you have a focus/question or just want a general reading; it would also help if you could list one or two things you strongly associate with (colors, animals, stones, words, hell, even characters -- just something to help me focus a little). I am happy to PM you if you'd like to receive your reading privately instead of publicly; let me know, because the default will be public. (Note: please do not choose the Oracle decks for your free draw; they tend to be a more complete reading in a single card, and take much more energy because of that.)
If you signalboost this post somewhere public and link me to it, you will get a second card also for free! Let me know when you drop me the link if you'd like a different deck from each card (whether of your choice or mine), and also whether you have a different focus/question for the second card.
(Alternately, if you do signalboost, you can get a single Oracle card reading, instead of two Tarot card pulls; please let me know when you reply if you'd like that instead.)

If you would like a longer reading, please see the list of spreads below for pricing! I'm also happy to work with you to find the right spread if you've got a question or a focus, but aren't sure quite which spread would work best for your query.

Decks! )

Spreads and Pricing )

If you have any questions or anything is unclear, feel free to ask! If you'd like to contact me privately, you can PM me, or email me at You can find my Paypal under Please feel free to spread this far and wide, and thank you for looking!

Quick Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, a medical professional, or offering expertise in any area other than reading the cards; please consult an expert if you find yourself in need of one. What you do with this advice is your own decision.
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Hi, I'm alive. I don't have much besides that right now, to be honest. Not in the greatest of brainspace, but I live.

Birthday was yesterday; spent Fri-Sat with family to celebrate. I own a drum now. It is very exciting.

Still trying to unpack everything. And clean everything. And do everything. And wanting to sleep forever. Tarot post still needs to come because money is hard and makes me want to cry, but all my cards are still packed, because all my stuff is still packed.

I am alive. That's all I really can offer tonight. I'll try to say something on a better night soon.
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BLESSED SOLSTICE EVERYONE. I am celebrating by avoiding having to deal with my family and continuing to clean/unpack my apartment. And maybe leaving something out for the faeries if I can figure out what. (We still have not gone shopping.)

And on a related note to that: So as I've mentioned a couple of times, moving is a thing that's happened recently. I am currently unemployed. My partner does not get paid til the 3rd, and our third roommate, because of some real life stuff going on, does not move in (and hence does not contribute to the household) until mid-July.

We're doing okay, but we could use a bit of a boost. To that end, my partner ([personal profile] thebonesofferalletters) has a post up right here to sell some of the things they do -- words, tarot, graphics, mixes. If any of that interests you, please go take a look.

(And watch this space; once I've unpacked and cleansed my cards, I'll probably be doing a tarot post of my own. Those things really need cleansing though. My grandmother's house does not a good energy space make.)
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I didn't say anything before because I usually don't when things happen, but I feel like I need to make the disclaimer.

Look, I am a queer person two hours away from Orlando. I am pretty open about my queerness, I just moved in with my partner, I have been to Pride events in Tampa/St Pete area a few times, I've been to Orlando regularly, and while I've never really considered doing nightclubs, I've considered doing other LGBT events around there.

Orlando has me kind of fucked up right now, and I'm not really going to be talking about it in public, replying if other people bring it up, or really interacting with the news in any way.

I promise lack of visible reaction is not lack of caring, but I just can't handle it.
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Real world is hard to deal with but I live. Moved into the new apartment yesterday. Here with [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters; third roommate coming next month.

Unpacking is gonna keep me busy but I am okay, more or less.

Calderafest (pagan musical festival) pictures to come sometime soonish. Apartment pictures to maybe happen soonish as well.

Hope you all are well and I love you all. <3
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I am gonna go back and do headcanons too but what the hell. So, I have a list of fifteen universes, I want you to give me a number and one of the following:
* A place name (in which case you will get at least two fun facts about the universe/story/whatever I feel like)
* A song (in which you will get two songs that I feel like go with the universe)
* A kink (in which you will get two relationships in the universe and I will babble a bit about them)
* A quote (in which you will get a ficlet or babble on a thing I'd like to write within the universe)

Feel free to ask for multiple things, repeat numbers someone else has asked or anything else.
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There was a tiny problem to work around, because nobody informed me that you need an actual letter, but my two weeks have officially begun. My last night of work is Friday, May 20th. And then I'm done. No more Walmart for me. Ever.

(And I mean it. Fucking ever. I will work retail and stocking and jobs that hurt me physically again if I need it. But I am done with Walmart. My store is a mess of communication problems, awful management, and impossible demands -- and we are one of the consistently highest-rated stores in our entire state. I am not dealing with a version of that that probably has its shit together even less.)

Anyway, if anyone's curious/for my own benefit/for people to poke me into sticking to, this is what the next month or so looks like:

Schedule )

At some point there's a couple of other lists I'd like to make, but they are more abstract than this, and I am thinking about them. Soon, though.

I am still a little terrified, but I am starting to get excited, too. I'm beyond ready to be on to a new phase. It's long overdue.

And on an unrelated note, writing is difficult, and I'm pretty sure most creativity (and... general life things that are not either impossibly to avoid or coming really easy for the moment) is on pause til the move is done, but I'd like to do something vaguely creative, so have a meme. Yes I know I suck at memes, but I will eventually go back and respond to others, and for now:

Leave me a character, get three headcanons about them. Fandom or original. (Bonus round: Leave a character and either a topic or an AU setting [whether it's one I already play around with or not], get three headcanons on that topic/in that setting. Otherwise you get random things that come to mind.)


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