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I am:
> August, but occasionally seen answering to older/other names
> 26; genderqueer (they/them or it/its); generally queer (asexual and panromantic)
> Living in Florida; on EST and an ever-rotating sleep schedule
> Poly, kinky, and in a long-term relationship
> A second-generation Witch doing some long-term religious soul searching
> Depressed, anxious, autistic, possibly OCD, generally suffering from massive executive dysfunction; dealing with chronic pain and other physical issues; fairly vocal about all of the above
> Making a go of self-employment (Tarot + freelance editing)
> A writer, an occasional beta, a highly inactive filker, learning to be a podficcer and a vidder, tentatively learning to draw/do digital art
> A massively multifannish thing
> Awful at commenting, slightly less awful at updating, usually reading
> Always open for being friended

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Eternally open prompt post of doooooom! Spam away. Lyrics, quotes, scenarios, pictures, anything at all. Fannish, original, up for anything. My only request is gifs/vids being linked instead of embedded so my computer doesn't cry.
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A year-long meme, started by [personal profile] novel_machinist and taken up by some other awesome people:

The goal isn't to write daily, it's to fill a request instead, when we have the time. There's no set length, the only things that we'll set are what we do and the types of Requests we want. The ONLY rule is that if someone fills your request you leave a comment to them. If you want in, make a Cabal of Creators Post on your journal with a link to it for all to see. Let's use the tag #CabalCreators2017 for easy finding.

I'm dividing my categories into two sections; "old faithful" and "new shiny". You might notice that a lot of them fall under the second header. There's a lot of creative things I'm trying to get into the habit of or learn this year, so while you are more than welcome to request something that's new for me, 1) simpler requests are appreciated, since I'll be learning my way around a lot of them; and 2) the quality will probably be shakier than in the first section.

Old Faithful
Fanfiction (fandoms)
Original Fiction (existing verse)
Original Fiction (general prompt)
Tarot (1-4 cards)

New Shinies
Audio recordings
Video recordings

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That's totally the saying, right?

Answers to the movie quote guessing meme, including a couple of pitches for lesser-known movies:

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Aaaand now another meme! A music meme! This one yanked from [personal profile] forests_of_fire. It is much more longterm, so let's see if this gets me to post a little more regularly.

1. A song you like with a color in the title )

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In other news, tonight we are dying my hair, or at least bleaching it to dye tomorrow, and I am getting back to work for the first time after this long, kinda fucked up month. It's not the best day ever, but it's better than the last couple. I really hope this continues, but I have to see my mother this weekend, so who knows.
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So I spent all yesterday in pain and feeling like shit, and today I still feel grumpy and awful, but there is work to be done and I'm trying to make myself do it.

In mostly unrelated news, every member of my family older than me is exhausting to deal with this week, and I am about ready to yell at them all.

However, Bast is amazing and I am lucky they're willing to not only deal with my grumpy and sadness but try and help me get my shit together and actually get stuff done. Even if I fail at actually doing so.

This space may turn into a ta-done or to-do list later. For right now I am just waving tiredly at everyone.

EDIT: ... I somehow fucked up the computer trying to plug in my headphones and I had to fuck with it trying to get to the battery. I got it up again, but it was like an hour, it was stressful, I still have to do work which is also stressful, and I really just want to either nap or burrow in distractions for the day.

Fuck today, man.

Hugs would be really appreciated.
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I feel like this could easily end up a spam-Dreamwidth day. I am weirdly rambly and thoughtful and also tired which makes actually talking easier. That or a spam-Tumblr day. I guess we'll see. In the meantime, while I try to figure out exactly what I'm gonna be doing, a meme:

  • Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
  • Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie. (Ones that did not have IMDb quotes are *'d.)
  • Post them here for everyone to guess.
  • Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
  • NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions

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Hello new people! I've got a bit of an about-me post here, but I've done a couple friending memes and the revival comm without ever doing a more indepth intro thing, and there may be random things older people just never heard as well, so here is an intro thing. I am generally not great at talking about myself, so we're gonna do this in whatever bits and pieces come to me.

Fair warning: This got really long and rambly. Like, just shy of 1,400 words rambly.

I've been here before, I know where it goes )

And that is me, uh... out of the nutshell. Definitely not in a nutshell. But that's me, and I'm happy to answer any questions you might want to ask (whether from new people or old people) or discuss whatever, whether it's about stuff I said or totally random. Also, if you want to be on filters to see me ramble about creative stuff, health stuff, or spiritual stuff, there is a poll here to fill out.

And yeah, I think that's finally all I got. Open roads?
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I do not need to spend all day staring at decks I don't need to get.

However, I'm not on my usual computer and I don't want to lose these links, so let me share and say:
The Numinous Tarot looks AMAZING and I need to hop on that kickstarter when it goes up

And I have never seriously looked into Lenormand decks, but the person who did Linestrider has one and it's GORGEOUS and I need to save up for it, I just need to decide between getting the cheaper smaller one or waiting for the big one to go on sale again. Probably the smaller one.

... I will collect all the divination decks. You can't stop me. Only my bank account can stop me.
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About the one-card draw offers I made at the end of March, which I will be doing today and tomorrow:

1. I'm in the middle of drafting a post for [community profile] 2017revival, so if you're new here, hi! Feel free to come ask for a card! (And if you're not new but didn't ask before, feel free also.)
2. In the time since making the post, I have lost Omegaland -- which is fine, since nobody requested it -- and also gained a copy of the Welcome to Night Vale tarot deck. If you're waiting on a draw and would like the Night Vale deck, feel free to go say so; if I've gotten to your draw before you saw that it was an option and would like to ask for a second card from Night Vale, also feel free.


Apr. 14th, 2017 11:57 pm
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I am working, a little slowly, on the one-card draws I offered. Apologies everyone; it's been a long March-April and it's just settling down now.

Relatedly though, my partner is offering Tarot and Oracle draws, so if you have interest, you should feel free to poke them as well.


Apr. 14th, 2017 01:48 pm
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So [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters got to talking and long story short, I think I'm going to be trying to post more frequently, and use filters more. So since at the moment I have polling abilities, have a poll. Feel free to select all or none or whatever interests you.

Poll #18191 Filterfest 2k17
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 22

Which filter(s) would you like on?

View Answers

Creative babbling/Writing
20 (90.9%)

20 (90.9%)

18 (81.8%)

13 (59.1%)

Creative babbling/Writing is hopefully going to have a fair bit of worldbuilding and original for a bit, but also has fic ideas and in progress stuff, and hopefully vid/podfic/other things as time goes by.
Spiritual is going to be for religious/magic as I try and work my brain around some advice gotten from a few places lately and figure out where to go from here, plus maybe occasionally some personal tarot stuff.
Health is mental health issues, physical health issues, attempts at self-diagnosis and figuring out brain patterns, coping mechanisms, attempts to track shit, probably some varied self-esteem and identity issues, and anything else health-related that I want to go in-depth on. It may also end up the breakdown filter but I will be cutting and warning for things even though it's opt-in so hopefully it shouldn't be triggery to anyone.
Work is probably not going to be constant-use but will come up occasionally. It's mostly a filter because I don't want work-name stuff linked back to personal-journal stuff; other work stuff might be posted under a general lock but it's there if I feel a need to name names for some reason, or want thoughts on something I may post directly on the site, or whatever else. Because of that, it's the only one I might not add people on if I don't know them well. If you don't know, I do tarot reading, am trying to get into freelance editing, and also do social media and other miscellaneous work for a Wiccan author who happens to be my mother as well.
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My [community profile] origfic_bingo card is amazing. I need to figure out what I'm doing with it, but I love it.

Origfic Bingo )
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There's a love meme going on; I have a thread, if anyone wants to leave love.

I am trying to find my brain and do things. It is... not working very well. Brains want to go downhill, but I'm trying to keep afloat. There are many things to do this week, so we'll see how it works.

I will Tarot tomorrow. It's a weird night.
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1. I don't think it needs to be said really, but I don't do things for April Fools, so you're good with me.

2. I officially signed up for Camp NaNo! I am not... writing yet.... But I'm rewatching the thing my main project is fic for so that totally counts, right? Anyway, I will probably primarily be:
  • Trying to finish the Peggy Carter psychic wolves fic from February; this is priority A and I'm planning to get it done by the end of the month if nothing else happens.
  • If I do finish that maybe eyeing the two-year-old Clint/Bucky/Steve/Natasha fic I started for a big bang and never finished.
  • Trying to go back to January meme prompts/other old prompts.
  • Rainbowfic.
  • Possibly some treats for exchanges going on now.

I may talk about some of this on the writing filter, we'll see. I'm also hoping to maybe get some worldbuilding done so I can start working more seriously on original stuff after.

If anyone's on the site and wants to befriend or such, drop me a link/poke me and I'll give you my profile. Sometimes I get distracted by NaNo boards, so I may be around there some.

3. I will get to Tarot pulls tomorrow. It's been a long couple of days and I still kind of feel like crap, so things are sluggish.
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I have a sudden, sharp desire to get back into regular spellwork, and I am just. not set up for that right now. Not mentally or physically; I have no tool, no altar setup, nothing physical to work with, and my space is just... not clean and orderly enough to get into even a lightly ritual-esque headspace in. And this is my own fault, I've been trying to fix it for months, but it's really upsetting me for no good reason right now.

Ugh. On an only semi-related note, though, my mother and I are going to be vending at the Pagan Unity Festival in May. I'm going to be doing in-person Tarot readings for part of the time, which... I am currently not touching my cards often at all, and I've been really doubtful of myself lately. So! Would anyone like a one-card draw as I try to get my head in the game?

(I may do this a couple more times in the lead-up to PUF, too.)

Only three decks on offer this time; if you have a preference, let me know, otherwise I'll pick at random:
* Tarot Draconis
* Omegaland
* Linestrider
* Welcome to Night Vale tarot

4/15 UPDATE: Opening this to new people as I'm trying to go post to 2017revival today, but Omegaland is temporarily missing. Adding Night Vale instead since that's new. If anyone who asked before sees this and wants to change to NV before I do theirs/wants to ask for a second from Night Vale feel free, as we just got it and I need to get a handle on it.
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Name a character I do some kind of creative work about, and I will tell you the five(ish) things I think are fundamental to understanding them.

(Fandom and original are both a go.) (Also for the record I am a little more than half through questions for the last meme/game-ish things I did, so I will get that up soon.)
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I realize I haven't updated in a while, so, I am alive and I am more or less fine. I am failing to get shit done at every turn so I have very little to say day-to-day, unless you want to hear me ramble about being slowly swallowed whole by Overwatch fandom and being annoyed at my own lack of productivity? Because honestly that's all that's really going on right now. That and a bit of RP.

The big brain-draining learn-all-the-shit project I was working on for my mother is done now, though, so I'm kind of hoping that makes it easier to make myself do the other stuff I need to do now that that's not hanging over me -- on the work level, on the apartment level, on the creative level. And speaking of brain-draining work stuff, mother is signed up to vend at PUF this year, which is both excellent - I REALLY wanted to go, and since I'm manning the table with her, I definitely get to - and terrifying - because she's pushing me to do readings at the table too and ahahah I have no confidence about doing professional readings in person whatsoever and I feel sick every time I think about it. We'll see how that goes.

Going to visit family for a least a couple of days in the middle of the month, because my brother and I are going to Brain Candy live, and it's a couple of days before St Pattys, which is a couple of days before grandmother's birthday, so I will probably end up there for at least one if not both. I would complain more, but corned beef and cabbage makes up for a lot of tension.

That's... basically it for the moment?
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So as stated, this past weekend I was with my family, mostly so my mother and I could go do the Wicked lottery. Friday was kind of a busy mess, so we ended up skipping that and giving our first shot for the Saturday matinee. And won our first shot. Front-row seats.

It was awesome.

Picture + some rambling review/glee under the cut. )

So, that worked out, and then I got to run around a park hunting Pokemon with my brothers on Sunday. Then yesterday I got my best friend for my one-day-a-year. So that was good. The only thing that really marred the last few days was the fact that I was barely getting four hours a sleep a day, if that, from Thursday night until today.

But I've finally slept a decent amount, our power was out today but only for like an hour, and I need to get back on track with really doing work stuff. But probably tomorrow. Tonight I will make tacos and maybe continue to write for Lupercalia.
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  • I am being picked up in about seven and a half hours to spend my weekend with my mother, going back and forth to the theater to try and Wicked tickets via lottery. Should be fun. We've got five shows this weekend, so hopefully one of them will work out. If not, we're hitting it again the third weekend, since they're doing it all month. Fingers crossed, because goddammit, I would like to finally see this show.
  • Then Monday we are seeing my best friend who lives in California and I am so happy, oh god. One day I will be rich and be able to see my best friend more than the once a year she comes to Florida. Right now I will just revel in that day every year as much as I can.
  • I am writing! Sort of! I wrote and I am hoping to write more. I have ~1600 words of Peggy Carter-centric fic for Lupercalia. It wants to become an epic ( my standards, which is like 10k, maybe 15k; I don't think I've ever written fic that long, though, so, eh), but I actually think I might be able to get it done by February 15th and I am kind of enjoying writing it a lot. This is really exciting for me and I'm hoping I can get some more done tonight. (...If anyone thinks this is the kind of thing they might be interested in beta-ing, poke me. Gonna post a proper looking-for-beta if I manage to get it done, but, yeah.)
  • Also, I got distracted for like an hour looking for character names, which is reason enough to link back, shh: Still taking questions for characters. Come help me world-and-character-build. I actually just about have names for everyone involved so I'll probably answer and post that up this weekend.
  • All in all, while I am not doing fantastic -- I've been sick, and brains have been very back and forth -- things are more or less okay, for the moment. Hopefully that holds out for a little while.
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Variation stolen from people who stole it from people who... you get the idea.

I've seen a lot of folks doing a January Meme. I'm shamelessly stealing the idea and adjusting. I'm asking for one- to three-word prompts. I'll do whatever first comes to mind with those words. It may be a graphic, it may be a poem or story, or even something about my life.

Dates. )


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